Keystone XL: Critical to US Energy Policy

Recently I had an op-ed published in the Billings Gazette on the importance of Keystone XL to our nation’s energy policy. Please see it below:

The issuance of a cross-border permit for the Keystone XL pipeline is a positive step forward for infrastructure development long awaited both in Montana and throughout the United States. President Trump’s willingness to put American jobs first signals a commitment to pro-growth policies that will be made possible through public-private partnerships built to construct, rebuild, and restore America’s aging infrastructure network.

For years the public has heard the same thing: “our infrastructure is failing and it’s time to do something about it.” Thus far, however, the public has seen very little action, and inaction has borne a heavy cost. With out investments like Keystone XL, we face losing the next great resource development opportunity to international competitors. Already, plans to expand the TransMountain Pipeline in Alberta and British Columbia will more than double existing line capacity for exports to a growing Chinese market. This could lead to rising cost pressure for the Canadian oil and reduce our country’s energy security.

Read the entire op-ed here.