I agree with this.
Roy Huff ♛


You’ve written some great truths I’d started to implement in my life.

However if I’m honest, I’m a long term addict to Narcotics & Alcohol. I’m a Survivor, unlike many I knew 40 years ago in the early 70s..I have been diagnosed with PTSD and Bipolar during my 4yr escape to The Philippines in 2005–10, much of that I spent in A surreal world with slightly older men who were

Ü.S Veterans from the Vietnam War. Living in rainforest & coastal areas untrodden for years. There were many hidden dangers including the Terrorist Islamic Militia/Front In Western Samar, Central Visayas. I’d spent years listening to Veteran’s Stories & Horrors They left behind. Many vets never returned to The States, “Fuck Uncle Sam! They used to say, I miss Them. They taught me what true Remorse is. They selflessly gave to The poor, sick, men women & Children. All they had left were memories, san Miguel, tuba & — gin for me! & the sweetest girls of course.

For practically 1 year I lived with Locals who couldn’t speak a word of English! I chose to live in this Remote tribal village and almost went mad!When I returned to England I descovered I have a severe - degenerate disc disease. A large portrusion of the spine, arthritis in one knee and both thumbs. A C3 neck with painful nerve problems, neuropathic pain diabetes & memory loss. Otherwise I’m in great shape! It’s what I make of Life however short. Yet with Terminal illness you can’t choose. Addiction & loneliness are the 2 biggest bitches in my life, yet I’ve learnt to live with it. A true addict doesn’t quit. Unless apparently, They’re those pathetic unconvincing head cases in the likes of AA recovery who’ve shown themselves to have some of the sickest minds I’ve ever known. Living their life clinging to self obsessive AA meetings, repeating their stories like Parrots locked in cages Christ, they are so mentally ill!


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