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When I was at school some friends had four grandparents. I had none. I missed out on extra presents and treats. I felt deprived but I’m making up for lost time now. I’ve started adopting grandparents and have had five so far. I get talking, persuade them to go for a ride, and adopt them. Some don’t last. Some are fussy eaters and don’t eat normal food like burgers and pizza. I provide food and shelter and company but they fade away far too quickly. One lasted only two days, but there are plenty more around. Everyone should have grandparents.

Everyone Needs Grandparent first published at Free Flash Fiction on
15th September 2020.


“Yes, Doctor. I have a recurring dream. I am a giant ant. A giant green ant, and many normal sized black ants are helping me. What does it mean?”

“Steven, I’ve said this before. Dream interpretation, in isolation, is not a useful diagnostic tool for a psychiatrist. …

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Last time I wrote I was so cold I was going to put a T-shirt on under my rugby shirt (adding layers). Well, I did the very next day, but, I had to take it off within a couple of hours as I was sweating so much. Here in the…

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Here in the UK we went from sleeping with no covers at night to shivering and thinking about turning the heat on in just one day! How can that be? I’m freezing! Tomorrow I will be putting a T-shirt on under my rugby shirt. I’m sure it won’t be long…

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Recently I’ve read a couple of Twitter questions along the lines of:

Why Do You Blog?

I’ve never really thought about the reasons why I blog. I must enjoy the process otherwise I wouldn’t do it. …

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Writing Contests

From time to time I discover new Microfiction and Flash Fiction writing competitions and sometimes I even manage to create something half-decent and enter. I have started to look forward to the Furious Fiction Contest each month — that $500(Aus) would come in very handy.

Furious Fiction

The Furious Fiction writing contest…

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Time for a catch-up.


I’ve read quite a few books (for me) in the last month or so.

Nick Hornby

A while back I bought a 6-book box set of Nick Hornby. It was reduced so much I just had to get it! …



Below is a screen Shot showing the Views of story
Medium: BUG: Publications List

Note the number of Views (78) is the same in top and bottom sections. But the percentages of Internal and External Views are different.
Top Int-17% Ext-83%,
Bot Int-67% Ext 33%.

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Over the previous few days I’d seen there was a noticeable uptick in number of views at Adlers Writing, see graph:

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