This post was written by Lindsay Muscato, Assistant Editor at Source. All photos by Mike Tigas.

This year’s journalism track gathered tons of the newest and best ideas, strategies, and tools from newsrooms around the world. We camped out on the 8th floor, hosting more than two dozen sessions about the future of tech and journalism, and the survival of the open web.

Five things we focused on, and a few things we learned:

1) Compelling, data-rich stories

When storytelling gets swamped by ever-changing (or contentious) information, a user-centered perspective can help you stay grounded. For example, journalists covering the…

Celebrating MozFest! Photo: Paul Clarke, CC-BY-NC-SA

The wondrous, enormous and exciting MozFest 2016 is in the books! A frenzy of making, sharing, collaborating and doing, the 2016 renewal of MozFest has to be one of the most successful yet.

When the network comes together, the motivation of the open movement is so tangible as to become almost a physical property. This was evident in the more than 500 sessions which took place over the weekend.

The first ever Speaker Series showed in a powerful way just how important the biggest issues facing the open internet are to everyone. …

MozFest 2016 is almost in the books. Hundreds of sessions, nearly 2,000 attendees, thousands of cups of coffee, countless connections and ideas…

Over the last two days the network for an open internet has schemed, planned and rejuvenated itself. There’s been electricity in the air (as well as the Air Mozilla blimp) as people from all over the world have converged to devise tools, strategies and campaigns for the internet to be the best that we can make make it.

All that’s left for the festival is the excellent demo party! Come to the 4th floor of Ravenbourne to see…

The funhouse-style entrance to the Demystify the Web space

Su Adams used to be scared of computers as a child. Growing up, there was a computer in the house that her dad used for work, but she never touched it for fear of breaking it. Perhaps that’s why she is so passionate about encouraging people to learn to use the web. It’s also what made her the ideal person to wrangle the Demystify the Web space at MozFest.

“We wanted to make a space to represent how some people are scared or overwhelmed by the idea of using or teaching the internet,” Su explained as she described the concept…

Happy people enjoying the festival. Image by Paul Clarke CC-BY-NC-SA

Have you ever thought of creating Twitter bots that can make art? How about using games as teaching tools? Matteo Menapace is running sessions on both of these topics this afternoon at MozFest.

His first session is called “Making bots that make art” and is at 2pm in the Digital Arts & Culture space, room 102. Matteo enjoys playing around with Twitter, making bots that generate art and poetry. One of Matteo’s bots, @somewherebot, takes images from Google Street View from all over the world using its api. The bot finds images which include people and then tweets the images…

Part of the Dilemmas in Connected Spaces ecosystem

The Dilemmas in Connected Spaces area is dedicated to the web ecosystem and its health. It’s particularly interested in the influence that the Internet of Things will have on the wider network.

Jon Rogers, the space wrangler for the area, explains. “The Internet of Things is the current state of computer technology where everything that we thought was disconnected from technology suddenly can be, and is, connected to technology in a way that brings the tech closer to humans than ever before.”

To this end, one of the things being showcased in this space is the Open Internet of Things…

There’s excitement (and a blimp) in the air…

Can you hear that? That’s the gently rolling hubbub of the open web movement getting together for another day of making, sharing and doing at MozFest!

A hardy band have already been for the MozRun through the mists of the Greenwich Peninsula, others were content to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, but the main business is about to get underway.

Sessions begin at 11am, so here’s a quick reminder of what’s happening. We have the second day of the first ever MozFest Speaker Series taking place on the ground floor where bright, passionate people will be exploring the biggest issues facing…

The traditional group photo! Photo by Paul Clarke CC-BY-NC-SA

It’s been an exciting day for the free and open internet movement at MozFest. People from all over the world have come together with a view to making a better internet for everyone.

There have been hundreds of sessions on topics as diverse as the Internet of Things, open leadership, digital arts, neuroscience, the solar system and encouraging employers to recognise open badges. People have been talking, hacking, fixing, creating, listening, disrupting and tweeting.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some of the best from MozFest so far. All photos by Paul Clarke CC-BY-NC-SA.

The ND Mode video is part of the MozEx installation

Neurodiversity is a relatively new term which refers to differences in how our brains are “wired”.

ND Days is a 360 degree virtual reality film which explores a range of neurodiverse perspectives such as those of people on the autism spectrum, or those with ADHD. What is little appreciated is that being differently wired can have benefits, and that it is cool to be different. The video is designed to use virtual reality to expose the hidden reality of being different. …

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