Why I Stopped Clearing My Email Notifications

It used to be a fixation, clearing the red dot notification of my email. It would give me a sense of joy or relief to know I am up to date with any important mail I might miss.

I can break down the email I would receive into two categories:

  • 99% — Product newsletters, junk mail, fishing scams, more product newsletters & general crapness
  • 1% — Stuff I cared about & need to respond to

It would be an endless cycle to clear these mail, either opening each one so it became read or deleting the email with a swipe and a tap.

It’s the same with my hotmail account which I have had since I was 14 (I know this as I have 2006 in the address, showing my initiative to find something unique), the endless mail I receive that is no longer relevant, from still receiving a newsletter from buying trainers 6 years ago or signing up to a bulk liquidation product auction site (Relevant to one of my many entrepreneurial ideas which I never followed!) its just frustrating. Logging on to appease the amount of unread messages in brackets.

Even my business email sucks for eliteracecars.com or stevenjoneswebdesign.co.uk. Ironically enough, I receive emails asking if I would like web design services, SEO services etc. as they have looked at my website & believe I am in need, talk about knowing your audience you robot spamming turds!

So I ignored the darn notifications & unread emails — happy days

Seeing my mail notification rise was intimidating at first, but with self restraint I let that mother rise. Rise to it’s hearts content. I was done! Instead I choose to open the mail box & scan through the most recent mails to ensure I don’t miss anything but I do not open or delete anything because it is a battle that cannot be won.

But I like to think the war has been won, I have more free time, if I’ve save 1 minute a day, thats over 6 hours a year. Imagine what I can do in that time … it’s pretty much a working day off (don’t tell my boss, I definatly do over 6 hours!!).

Join the revolution!

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