Works Of Art

This one for some with passion in their eyes and a heart that never gives up.


Thee grins made of flawlessly aligned constellations, the ones who can awestruck others by delicately arranged alphabets.


Thee, who is marvellously enchanting, a masterpiece of all kinds, somewhat a daydream. Thee can be one of all sorts, as ones can have kindness engraved in their acts.


Thee, always smiling as failure is just one of a rollercoaster to stepping a stone on a pathway to greatness, as holding a chins up no matter what time brings as a motto. Staying steady, as this is just the beginning.


Thee, tears locked up in an ocean of thoughts in a puddle of hope. Who could dishearten ones with fire in their hearts, stars in their thoughts, and owning a focused sight? none.


As the rain pours in the strangest of times and in the most of all odd circumstances, not all dreams are purposely to be fulfilled in the current reality, as one sets their heart for what’s greater. It is not a matter of hope, nor existence of miracles, but a matter of working hard and getting off comfort zones. As sort, works of art always stay close to anything that feels like home.