Are we still Patriots?

When President Trump spoke to the UN General Assembly in September of 2017, he asked the question, “Are we still patriots?” He directed that question not only to members of the international community but also to the American people. For me it was a very somber moment. I never imagined a day when an American President would have to ask that question. It is both sad and alarming. What is more discouraging is that I do not know if all Americans would answer that question with a resounding yes.

The founders of this great country were willing to die for the very idea of America. They never wavered in their allegiance to their new home and their dream of living in freedom. They were willing to pay with their lives to defend their new country.

Today I see Americans brazenly disrespecting the American flag, its anthem, and its history. By displaying their contempt for American pride, they insult those who have fought and continue to fight to protect our nation’s freedom. If you do not love America, maybe there is a better place for you to live in the world. If you are not happy here, you are free to go.

Has America made mistakes in the past? Have we tried to correct our mistakes to become a better nation? The answer to both questions is yes. America is a young country and still a work in progress. I have no doubt that we will continue to evolve as we always have. We all have a part to play in that evolution as did Americans before us.

Protest is not in itself a solution. If you are unwilling to contribute something constructive to this great country, you are wasting your time in protest. At some point you must address problems and work toward finding answers. Positive change is brought about by heroes not hate mongers. What are you willing to do for the common good? What are you willing to do for America?