Why I decided to get into HR

To HR or not to HR?

I admit it… it was an extremely opportunistic decision at the time.

Basically I was bored at university and I wanted some money to help fund all those free hours when I wasn’t studying, which were a lot.

I could have gone and worked at McDonalds. I could have worked handing out promotional flyers… or I could start my own business, and just the idea already seemed more fun and exciting than my other prospects.

So what business should (and could) I actually start and make money at? Well, I noticed that all the big employers were always competing fiercely for the best and brightest students in their last year before graduation.

But what if you could beat your competition in the race? I approached those companies and told them we’d go look for the best students (my fellow students) one or even two years before they graduate with an internship or student job offer. This was a perfect way to connect with those students before the other companies scooped them up, and a great way to be able to assess them before offering them a more permanent job.

So we charged these companies two thousand Euros per placement… that was a lot of money for student me!

So thanks to that first HR Director who became my first client, I ended up in HR. If I remember correctly it was actually EY Belgium.

Upon graduation, and thanks to that first venture, I went into consulting, and from there went into corporate HR. And for the last two and a half years I’ve been running Talmundo full-time, and have in many mays come full circle helping companies attract and onboard the best talent, but this time around with some really cool technology behind it.

I am still in HR because the longer I work in this field, the more opportunities I see for innovation and improvement, which is exciting. There is so much unexplored territory still! And that’s actually why when we started Talmundo we launched immediately into developing a few different HR tools. In hindsight, that was a little too ambitious and we were probably going to run ourselves into the ground trying to take on the whole HR world at once. You know how they say surround yourself with people smarter than you… well some smart people advised me to focus on only one product, and so we did. Thank you… you know who you are.

So when people ask, “Why are you in HR?” I’m not part of what often seems like the 99% that respond “Because I like people side of business”. Don’t get me wrong… it’s not that I don’t like people. I definitely like some people. But HR, whether you are corporate, an entrepreneur or a consultant, is a domain with never-ending challenges and opportunities so you’ll never get bored!

So tell me, how did you end up in HR? Feel free to share your thoughts!

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