Spiderlings on a backyard safari.

Photo by Les Anderson on Unsplash

I just glanced out my bedroom window for a second before looking down at my phone but I saw something that made me do a super-fast-double-take.


Ballooning through air.

Across the backyard.

Just like I taught my first graders about in my first year of teaching!

It felt like magic to get to witness this in real life.

I mean, how many people have ever gotten to see this? And, let’s be honest, how many people even know what ballooning is?!

But thanks to my time teaching first grade, I do.

I know the logic. And now I’ve seen the magic.

The only thing that tipped me off, a clue that anything was happening, was the way the gossamer thread shimmered with the morning sunlight passing through it.

Pure brilliance.

The feeling of sunlight passing through aspects of nature, making them shine, radiant with the light of life, never gets old.

And probably never will.

So here’s to sunlight. And spiders. And all of the magic waiting to be discovered right in our very own backyards.