Day Off

One day, I took a day off to chill and decided to explore Brooklyn. It was rather warm, but pleasant, with a breeze here & there.

I found myself near McCarren Park and decided to cruise the loop to find a spot to read. There were people reading, kids riding scooters, an elderly woman selling mango slices, topless women chatting and sunbathing, a man slinging Gatorade and water, another few playing instruments. Everyone happily exchanging smiles with me while I hunted for a spot of my own. All the makings of a blissful, carefree day. You might even describe it as utopian.

I sat on a patch of the damp lawn — not concerned about grass stains — peeled open my book and read a few chapters. Before long, I was too caught up in all the people watching to keep reading. Not in a creepy, stalker kinda way, but in a ‘how wonderful is this?’ kinda way — noticing how something as simple as sunshine in the park on a summer day brought us together. Positive vibes as far as one could see.

After spending weeks in the hospital quite frequently, appreciating these moments is fairly easy. After spending weeks outside the hospital — despite best intentions — remembering how wonderful it is and how fortunate to be able to stand and breath sunlight & fresh air becomes rather difficult.

Days like that one — where the rest of the world melts away and time runs slower — don’t come around often, but I’m hoping to find a way to change that. Until then, I’ll soak them in and recall them as a reminder to take advantage of every moment of peace I’m granted.