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Manufacturing Civil Unrest

How to turn nice people into monsters

How do you grow weeds? How do you turn a rain forest into a desert? How do you change what grows where, and how it grows?

You change the soil. You change what minerals it contains, how acid or alkaline it is, how it holds water, or how much water you add to it. You remove some plants and leave others, and the plants themselves change the microbiome of the soil, which in turn changes the chemical properties of the soil.

So it is with cultures and civilizations. If you want a civilization to destroy itself, start by changing the conditions within which it exists.

How might one engineer or manufacture civil unrest and civil strife? You might start by altering its environment.

“A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself.”
- Franklin Delano Roosevelt

I consider my vocation to be helping people to achieve optimal health. This leads me to consider factors in the environment that lead to poor or sub-optimal health. It became apparent to me early in my studies that the federal and state governments of this nation, and the Western world in general, were engineering the destruction of the health of the very people they supposedly serve. Why would they do that? Money and power is the short answer. The largest, most profitable corporations on earth are getting rich selling poison, whether that poison labeled as junk food or herbicide. How are they doing this? Is it not ironic that these corporations are now boycotting Facebook? The vast majority of Americans, of all races and creeds, die of diseases that are linked to the sort of food being pushed by Unilever and Conagra. Yet we find these corporations virtue-signaling by boycotting Facebook. Should thinking people boycott Unilever, Conagra, and Facebook? After all, companies like Unilever and Conagra push their dangerous foods upon the public using social media platforms like Facebook.

But I digress. How are American corporations contributing to the decline of American society?

Let us start by asking instead, how might we engineer disease? How, in particular, might we engineer criminality and civil strife?

We might begin by doing everything possible to undermine the highest faculties of the human mind. Without these, we are essentially animals whose inclination to violence is predicated on instinct. Reason offers us restraint. Reason emerges from the integrated functions of the neocortex — the frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital lobes. All of the functions of the neocortex combine to help us live in harmony with one another.

I have seen this many times in hospitalized or “institutionalized” patients. As grandma succumbs to dementia, she is likely to become less reasonable and more violent. She suspects her children of stealing her car keys, when in fact she has simply misplaced them. She thinks that someone is spying on her, when in fact she is just developing paranoid delusions. This starts with seemingly innocuous eccentricities, like leaving the car keys in the wrong place, getting lost in familiar places, or forgetting to pay the bills. All too often, as people lose their minds, they become violent and abusive, even toward those closest to them. They become less and less reasonable. All of a sudden, you find yourself trying to reason with them at 2 o’clock in the morning, imploring them to go back to bed.

The predictable response to this is for families to put elders in nursing homes. There, when they act out, it is diagnosed as “dementia with behavioral disturbance.” Facilities (nursing homes) have two options. First, they can hire more staff to patiently and calmly try to reason with increasingly unreasonable and possibly violent people, or, second, they can medicate those people into a stupor in which they are cooperative. Which do you think they pick? One of these options involves paying someone for their time. The other involves paying big pharma for a pill. Might the system be set up to maximize prescribing of sedative medications? There is a reason you see these medications advertised on television — they are big money for big pharma.

The sad reality is that all over this country there are people with dementia being kept in nursing homes on high doses of psychiatric medications, simply because they have lost their abilities to reason. It is not uncommon for highly agitated dementia patients to be treated with injections of sedating medications when they refuse to cooperate with routine care.

What is the difference between a shot of a sedating medication and a police chokehold? Either can kill you. Both are invasive and violent in and of themselves. We hope that neither is used without good reason. But what is good reason? How do you create a situation in which both are misused? You create people on both sides of an interaction who are unreasonable. How do you destroy someone’s reason? You exhaust them, poison them, and brainwash them. This is as true of a seasoned criminal as it is a physician or policeman. You want the police to be more violent? Make the criminals more violent. You want to make the criminals more violent? Make the police more violent. To do both? Destroy reason on both sides of the equation.

How do you do that?

  1. Pollute the air. Air pollution is well known to promote violence and criminality. Heavy metals and partially combusted hydrocarbons gradually poison the mind. Little wonder that we see the highest levels of crime in locations that are heavily polluted. How did this happen? The government funded roads, instead of public transit systems. They created a jungle of asphalt and concrete, instead of distributing the American people over the countryside. We have increasingly concentrated the populace in cities, rather than in the countryside. Air pollution also reduces the amount of light that reaches the earth, and this in and of itself can create mental illness. We need UV light (which is readily blocked by air pollution) to create vitamin D. Guess what low vitamin D is strongly linked to? Mental illness. Violence. Suicide. Dementia. Sound familiar? I could go on, but you should get the point.
  2. Pollute the water. Did you know fluoride depletes magnesium from your body? Magnesium is essential for normal cognitive function. The symptoms of magnesium deficiency include depression and anxiety. Did you know increased fluoride intake is linked to lower IQ scores? Poor growth? Worse brain development? It is gaining a reputation as a neurotoxin. So is aluminum, and yet this is what we can beer and soda in. Make sure you remove all of the magnesium and other trace elements from naturally hard water, so that people don’t get these essential nutrients. This will ensure that their physiology and metabolism become aberrant, to the point of complete dysfunction. Thus, we have created an epidemic of premature mental illness and cardiovascular disease, not to mention increases in rates of many cancers (like melanoma).
  3. Pollute the food supply. Allow it to be adulterated with psychoactive chemicals like artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and flavorings. Add iron, which is strongly linked to neurodegeneration (i.e. the destruction of reason). Make unhealthy food affordable and healthy food unaffordable, by subsidizing commodity crops like soy, wheat, and corn. Protect, promote, and subsidize predatory corporations that destroy the family farm and the local agricultural system. Create government food programs that push this agenda on the public, then double down on promoting your flawed ideas of what people should eat, even as they become fatter and weaker while eating it.
  4. Poison people with what they see and hear. Get them to watch television constantly, especially television that features violence. During the day, have them watch television shows that showcase violence within families. During the night, have them watch extremely violent action movies. Gradually remove all positive role models from the culture. Create a “noisy” culture, because this can negatively affect the body and mind. Make sure that you use frequencies of light that disrupt circadian rhythms, to poison the mind and hasten the decline of its faculties.
  5. Load the environment with toxic frequencies of microwave and radiowave radiation that are well known to affect human behavior. Promote these devices as “progress” and protect the people who sell them from any and all liability.

What is the end goal of this plan? When you dumb people down, you can control and manipulate them. You can manipulate them into buying your products, even though those products are toxic. You can manipulate people into giving up the few healthy behaviors and choices they have left, for toxic, self-destructive ones that make your cronies lots of money. You can manipulate them into voting you more power, while quietly destroying their health and happiness.

What does a healthy lifestyle look like? Owning your own land, growing your own food, and serving others in your own community in real and substantive ways. Using sunlight to light your home and business, instead of fake light. Being cold when it is cold outside and hot when it is hot outside, instead of living a climate controlled life. Biking, walking, or running to work, instead of driving. Enriching your mind by reading a book or having a conversation, instead of watching television. Guess who gets rich off of that plan? Average Joe. Guess who doesn’t? Politicians and their soulless corporate handlers. So what did they do? They created the perfect conditions to distract and dumb-down the average American, so that they could transform them from self-respecting, intelligent human beings into unreasonable, and yet obedient, idiots.

This was not and is not a partisan plan — it is a bipartisan plan. If you want to know what the real agenda is, find the bills that no one opposes. Much of the above has been accomplished by the Farm Bill, which passes each year by a hefty margin. The Democrats routinely bargain for more money for food stamps, and yet they do nothing to improve the quality of the food being bought with those food stamps. The Republicans routinely argue for less money for food stamps, and more money for farmers. Do you see the trend? The Republicans are trying to get funds for their constituents in fly-over country, where our farmland is concentrated. The Democrats are trying to get more funding for their constituents in major cities, which they have managed to grow to such ponderous sizes, as to dominate the politics of entire states.

Read the fine print. The real agenda is to get the American people to substitute fake, corporate food and drink, for locally-grown and minimally processed food and drink, to get them into cities where they drink toxic water and breathe polluted air, and to get them as hooked on popular culture as possible. That is the plan. That is what television “programming” is programming you to do.

With this simple plan, you will be turning idyllic, peaceful communities into hellscapes of moral turpitude in just a few generations. Whether your target is the trailer parks of rural America or densely populated inner cities, this simple recipe is proven to work.

Anyone who questions this agenda, ends up on the chopping block of the mainstream media. People like Tulsi Gabbard, Dennis Kucinich, Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, and Donald Trump are targeted for destruction by the mainstream media as, “far-right” or “far-left,” whenever they advance policies that counter these corporate agendas.

“To see things in the seed, that is genius.” — Lao Tzu

To see the seeds of one’s destruction — that is genius. To destroy them, this is wisdom.

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Amber waves of grain. How’s that working out for us all? Photo by Raphael Rychetsky on Unsplash

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“The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it.” — Hippocrates.

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