Monday Check In!
Ester Bloom

A up and down weekend. Friday: In $0 Saturday: I was driving in slow, city traffic and was trying to figure out what was on a yard sign, everyone else stopped I turned back too late and rear ended an SUV. Fortunately everyone was ok, the SUV had one rear detail slightly dislodged but no paint damage or dents at all. I scratched my hood up good and fortunately/unfortunately the people I hit were very nice. So while in the future I will pay $111 on a distracted driving charge and $500 in deductibles, the worst thing was hitting someone else. I felt rotten about it.

I paid $21.13 in gas. $10 to advertise our rummage sale in the city wide rummage sale booklet. Went to work. I managed to donate blood. I had originally planned on not trash picking as planned but ran into two large piles right near each other. So I got : One plastic laundry hamper with lid, one small christmas tree with stand and lights, cowboy boots, nike mens flip flops, a 5 tier plastic shelving unit, laundry basket, large wok pan with lid, 2 jug style food storage things, and hangers to donate. I kept a half full glass cleaner jug and 1/2 full spray on sheer sunscreen. Groceries $19.34. Went home, cleaned off the stuff and did laundry.

Sunday: Stayed in, made yogurt and pasta. Cleaned up. The dude came home from his race but was super tired. He took a long nap and I made us tacos.

Predicted $60 . Actual: $50.47

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