Monday Check-in, Post-Nuptials Edition
Ester Bloom

Friday I did not check in because I took off work so that I could prep for my church’s Rummage sale set up. I went in, moved the sales tables to the correct places, emptied the available book shelves to put the sales book on them, then put the signs as to where each category of stuff should be placed. $19.88 on groceries afterwards.

Saturday: Lots of cooking and chores. We went out for lunch at a bar with good food $42.86 then we did some more grocery shopping $28.39. Quiet night in.

Sunday: Church. People hauled everything from the rummage sale storage/donation rooms into the sale room. Kind of a stressful meeting afterwards about unrelated things. Went home and napped. Cooked some more. Watched Great British Baking Show and all was well.

Total: $91.13

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