Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Friday: My cat was at the Vet for urinary issue, they called to inform me that he needed a surgery I told them to go ahead. I had intended to pick up my prescriptions $15 and mop up after the cat pee. The prescriptions happened but around 7pm I said to myself “I’m just going to take a quick nap and then get up and be prod ..zzzzzzzzz” and then 12 hours later it was

Saturday: Actually did the mopping plus a whole bunch of other chores. I made some signs for my church rummage sale.The clinic called saying he could be released. I bought a coffee milkshake basically on the way over. $3.68 [Note:Cat TMI coming. Males or people who get oogy easily may want to skip this information]So the cat’s urinary tract tended to get blocked by crystals coming from the bladder so since this has happened 3 times now despite us following the recommended diet, the solution was to remove his exterior penis and make him like a female cat with a wider opening. *insert joke about me being a castrating feminist here* A bladder stone was also removed.

The total for this plus around 3 days of cat inpatient care was $3,067. I kept repeating to myself “This is what emergency funds are for”. I also kicked in $40 to a group that helps pay for vet care for poorer people’s animals. I thought it was sort of funny and cute that whenever other people came in to pick up their animals they would say like I did “I’m T-bone’s Mom” “I’m Misty’s dad” etc. Kitty was obviously feeling better but he basically had a poodle cut (shaved legs and back end, plus two partially shaved front legs where they put the IV’s in) plus a cone of shame. But it was sweet that the Vet Techs told me that a lot of animals obviously are scared plus in pain when they are and thus don’t want to be touched, my guy was asking for belly rubs and purring so they kept visiting him while he was in. *proud cat owner*. $16.64 on cat litter from newspaper which would be more sanitary for his wounds per the vet.

He needs to not jump on things and limit his movement so that he doesn’t wreck his stitches so we removed all furniture in our spare bed room but a mattress and his litter box and stuff. The rest of the day was spent hanging with him.

Sunday: Had to usher at church. Our church is hosting a cycling group overnight that’s riding cross country for cancer research so I went grocery shopping ( $30.28) about $5 of which were for the cyclists. Took care of the cat some more. The Dude took me out for dinner $35 then we bought a few needed things $18.

$3,221.92 Woof

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