Friday Estimate!
Ester Bloom

FYI: Other than The Billfold of course this:

is the best thing I read this week. Short summary: A douchecanoe wrote how he hates seeing the icky, icky homeless in San Francisco and the lovely writer above created one of the most thorough, scorching take downs ever. It’s a thing of beauty.


Hard to say exactly how this weekend will go, as a cold started yesterday. So we’ll see.

Tonight: The plan is to do very little and hit the bed early to try and beat this cold thing down. $0

Saturday: I need to buy some dry cat food $13 and pick up some Library holds but everything else is optional. If I am feeling ok we’ll go grocery shopping $30 and out to dinner either $0 if using existing gift cards or maybe $50 if we try the new restaurant we’ve been wanting to go to.

Sunday: Again if I’m feeling ok $280 for donation to church. Teach Sunday school and go to meeting.

Monday: I’m taking Monday off to go to the Auto Show with the Dude. $22 for tickets and $35 for lunch/dinner/ linner? afterward.

So anywhere from $13 - $430.

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