Monday Check-in!
Meghan Nesmith

Happy birthday Meghan!

I did not check in on Friday morning because I had a dentist appointment. But here’s what happened: After the dentist I went to Sam’s club to buy a ton of candy to make Easter eggs for a group home for teens. I also got coffee beans $70.52 Then I went to a big box store to get the plastic eggs (15 bags full)and other random crap I needed $65.32. Then a few groceries $17.32.

I went home and did some work. That night I stuffed around 700 eggs while watching “The French Connection” not sure how I felt about the movie. Very realistic but some of that realism showed racist language, etc.

Saturday: Getting crap done. Housework, did more work, etc. We went out to dinner at a brew pub $55.

Sunday: Church $280 for donation, picked up my Girl Scout cookies, had a meeting. Got more crap done. Housework and replied to work e-mails.


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