Monday Check-In!
Meghan Nesmith

I predicted $329 but came in a little over. This was the only thing exciting about my weekend.

I had planned to work on Saturday , other stuff on Sunday but that got reversed due to weather. We did some errands on Saturday $27 on groceries. $8.61 and $21 dollars on lunch all less than predicted. $280 donation on Sunday as predicted and then went to work.

Total $336.61

So let’s break it up with a brief story. My youngest cat who is the sweetest yet dimmest bulb of our three (seems to work out that way with pets), has been having trouble realizing that he has food in his bowl .

Snacktime: All three cats meow for food. I place food in the other two bowls and then finally the youngest. The other two cats are happily eating, youngest is still looking up at me.

Him: “Moooooooooom! Put the food in my bowl! I’m so hungry!”

Me: “Done! It’s IN your bowl”

Him: *Still staring up at me* Moooooooom! Not fair! The other cats….”

Me *gently guides his face towards dish*

Him *starts eating*

Me *shakes head*

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