Tuesday Check-in
Megan Reynolds

I underestimated because I had no knowledge of how much faucets cost.

Friday: $25 copay on eye appointment. They gave me the super-pupil stimulating eye drops. While they were waiting for it to take effect they escorted me out to the eyeglasses selling area and tried to sell me some new ones. I deferred given that my eyes were turning fuzzy and I was getting dizzy. Then the eyeglass person insisted that the nose pads on my glasses needed replacing immediately. I let her do that and then she gave them back and insisted somehow I had magically transformed from unwashed heathen to presentable human being due to the new nose pads.

After work I spent $6.33 on a sandwich, drove to my church and cleaned. Home and bed almost immediately at 8:00 pm.

Saturday: Getting crap done. Groceries $22 Lunch $36 New faucet $103 I had guessed $60. Watched Ghostbusters.

Sunday: Church, two meetings *groan* But then chocolate and beer pairing! They only had 5 pairings but you could have as much as you wanted over the 2 hour period. A jazz trio was playing the beers were certainly not bland but I had feared all of them would be very bitter for contrast but I needed not worry. All of the chocolate was amazing, Chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate truffles in almond crust, fruit skewers with chocolate drizzle, churros with a chili spiced melted chocolate dip and, the best, a wafer layer, a toffee like caramel layer with chocolate ganashe and hot caramel drizzled on top. Best beer Port Huron Hefeweizen. I had spent $30 about 2 weeks ago on the two tickets and the event was for cardiology research.

$8 on some pizza slices to sober up (surprisingly good given that we bought them from the student union). Home, rest.


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