Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

It mostly went as planned.

Friday: Bought to-go cups and Poptarts for shelter, you’d be surprised how much of our day to day goings on are fueled by those two things. $7.27. Overnight at homeless shelter, it went well. Lovely breakfast made for us by the morning volunteer.

Went home, did laundry, dishes and baked the cake part of a lemon bundt cake for talk at church. Succeeded in getting ½ of the cake out of the pan successfully but not the other half, so it looked a bit cracked. Took a nap. We did some shopping($35) ate dinner ($22 at fast food because we were super hungry). And then went grocery shopping $26. Went home and watched the Norwegian film “TrollHunter” very fun. Meanwhile I attempted to glaze my bundt cake but didn’t read the proportions right and ended up not quite adding enough powdered sugar so the glaze was invisible rather than a white drizzle. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood would have had words for me on that. Maybe “Good flavor but it looks a bit messy”.

Sunday: Had made bundt cake last night but did I remember to bring it? No. Positive side: Now have a lemon cake to eat at home. Bought a bundt cake at grocery store $7. Went to church budget meeting, sort of tense but one passed. Gave $310 for donation. Taught Sunday School , attended talk by Syrian refugee on his experience Free. Buying a ladder and getting over myself: priceless. Went home, took another nap. Did some work from home. Chopped up some veggies for my lunch salads this week and cooked some gnocchi for my dinner this week.

Great British Bake Off was pre-empted by the debates. I understand in principle but mostly I was like “I KNOW who I’m voting for what I DON’T know is who made it to the finals yet PBS!”

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