I’m wondering how other people on The Billfold have decided that going into debt for graduate…

It was fairly easy for me but this was back in 1995 and I was 23 instead.

I got a Master’s to

  1. Double my asking price for salary
  2. Get into a job/area I like and I still like more than 20 years down the road

It took

  1. 2 years of hell. I had to work part-time while in school full-time and my fellow students were much smarter and more ambitious than in the past. It was hard, I cannot deny. Undergrad was much more fun.
  2. $21,000 in loans but I was a resident of Wisconsin, living in Madison and our public University had one of the top programs in the nation.

I got my job about 6 months later and paid the loans off about 2 1/2 years after that.

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