Do 1 Thing, Like Return Something You Don’t Want
Ester Bloom

It’s a one thing bonanza today as I’m back after a week of a particularly horrid cold. It’s tempered down but not gone completely. I’m locked in my office and using gloves and coughing into a kleenex when touching things out and about. So reducing the harm.

But anyway on the done list:

  1. Paid my credit card bill
  2. Paid ticket for my accident from 2 weeks ago
  3. Picked up my new parking pass
  4. Sent reminder out for church Communion
  5. Booked a truck to pick up church rummage leftovers.

Still need to do:

  1. Test a connection to a server
  2. I kept up with most of my work e-mails while gone but one I couldn’t complete because I didn’t have access to the answer while at home.
  3. My new Android phone has crappy phone reception when I’m at home so call cell phone company to see if they can do anything about it.
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