Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Right on Target. Saturday I had to get out to pick up my cats prescription food $75 predicted $78.68 because of the tax thing.

Also spent $6.48 in non-stomach upsetting toaster waffles to bring home.

I did some dishes but other than that I read and slept.

Sunday I FINALLY remembered to bring my donation of $310. I also had to teach the story of Joseph (of the technicolor dreamcoat fame). I was slotted to just teach the older kids but one of the younger kid teachers pretty much forgot that they were up and didn’t prepare anything so I ended up teaching a combined class. So some of the philosophical discussion time went out the window and more acting out seven health cows getting eaten by seven skinny cows happened. And I did not teach the story of Onan as a part of it. Because I’m not teaching kids about the withdrawal method. That’s for their parents to tell them that it’s poor family planning.

Later on the Dude and I went grocery shopping $37.47 and we bought roughly $17.34 in salt for the water softener. $449.97 and as to my illness while I cannot even imagine eating non carb food right now at least the interior lining of my stomach and intestines are not on fire. So improvement is good.

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