Monday Check In
Megan Reynolds

Underestimated and I’m going to unfairly blame the Girl and Boy Scouts for it.

Saturday I went to the Town Hall meeting with my representative, which I will give him full credit for having some. So I did get in this time as I arrived a 1/2 hour before. However the rep lets whoever has the floor talk and ask as many questions as they want in their time. So in the hour and a half we had about ten questions asked in a meeting with 200 people. The rep did not give a lot of concrete answers to what they will do with healthcare(he’s a Republican), though the plan is still being formulated in fairness.

I managed to ask one of the people who did get to ask a question when he arrived and he was there an hour and a half before. So woo democracy but I think my time would be better spent calling/mailing/faxing offices given how he chooses to structure the meetings.

On the way to the meeting my car gave the “Maintenance needed” warning. When I got home my husband was changing his oil so I went and got an oil filter for me ($7.53) and he did both our cars. We went out to eat downtown and got hit with a surprise upcharge on parking due to “Cannibal-the Musical” playing that night $8, usually about $2.50. Dinner was good $36 with a groupon. $21.22 on groceries which would have been more but our second destination was closed by the time we got there.

Sunday: Tithing $310 on that. It was “Scout Sunday” so they were hawking their goods after church I bought 9 boxes of cookies $36 on cookies and $20 on pastries for the Boy scouts (there were more Girl scouts there than Boy scouts and I wanted to buy from everyone). Groceries after $45.98. Home. We had gotten a good deal the previous night on less than perfect produce so I chopped and froze 2/3rds of it and made a big salad out of the rest.

$484.73 total.

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