Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Well I had ambitious plans for work but my body had other plans.

Friday: Stayed in, did a few chores

Saturday around 4am a migraine ambushed me while I was mostly unconscious, which is bullshit. I was able to get up in time to stop a full blown one but I had to drug myself into a haze to do so. So I didn’t go to work as planned, slept in, recovered a bit, was able to get up later on and do some chores. Later on we went out to eat $38. We went to Sam’s club but I had a gift card that covered everything.I also got a few supplemental groceries for $10.92.

Sunday: Church, donated $50 to a friend doing a charitable walk, bought myself lunch to go $8.96 and went into work. Worked until 5:30, went home, did a few more chores.

Total: $107.88

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