Stipend Platform Update 30th October 2019

Oct 30 · 3 min read

We are pushing a quite large update today polishing and adding new items we were working on :


Re-Enable Sockets — [Feature] One of the most important features of the platform that gives UI queues without any hard loading it’s actually live, all notifications and messages should popup now and most of the jobs added to the database will just popup on your list for example.

Accept a contract after I declined it on the same page — [Bug] A closed contract can be accepted on the same page.

Multiple contracts possible to be sent by clicking really fast — [Bug] As we are implementing a socket based code each action happens live so sending numerous contracts was a result of this.

User’s balance in funds should only display a 3 decimals number. + Max property — [User Interface]

Redirects “About SPD cryptocurrency” in home page to: — [User Interface] A simple redirection when clicking on the about button to the official website.

Inbox history should be inverted so as to get the latest chat/job on top, and not on the bottom. — [User Interface] Newest one is at the bottom whereas it should appear at the top

Possible action that shouldn’t be able to be performed. — [Bug] — Freelancer still can submit multiple time the work. — Attached files wasn’t working in some cases. — Able to go back to the review, and rate again the client/freelancer.

When Submitting for a job without having complete your profile — [User Interface] When submitting as a non-freelancer was confusing as you didn’t know what information needs to be filled it was fixed now as the message is cleared and you are redirected to the dashboard to finish your profile.

Right now you need to be authenticated in order to see the job — [Bug] You needed to be authenticated to see a job, now anyone without an account can check jobs/conditions of the job and freelancers.(modifié)

Inbox issue. — [Bug] When making two jobs between the same freelancer & clients, we got notification to be sent to the wrong inbox chat.

Allow for job deletion in special cases — [Feature] It wasn’t possible to delete the job in special cases after launch, now it has been implemented. Able to submit work 3x by pressing it really fast. This needs to be handled on the whole site pretty much. — [Bug] Submit work endpoint should check if the work has been submitted before actually making the change.

Mobile view black background of logo — [User Interface] Changing the background of the main mobile header (an in-depth look at the mobile views is on the works).

Before withdrawing, estimate transaction fee correctly as sometimes the value went negative after a withdraw is done — [Bug] It was fixed without going into details.

Job’s title from profile isn’t displayed, and only display “Web dev” — [Bug] Not showing the right titles and marking everyone as Web Developer.

When a job submission gets declined, the freelancer cannot submit a new work submission and client can still accept the work on the same page he declined it. — [Bug] Title is clear enough.

Add a check before withdrawing — [User Interface] Adding a visual indication when withdrawing if everything is good for withdrawal

Adding MAX button when withdrawing — [User Interface] We added a button allowing to withdraw all available funds from the platform with a single click.

— — — — — — — — — END CHANGELOG — — — — — — — — —

The team is hard at work for everything left to do while taking into consideration every single comment or recommendation from @everyone.


Thank you for all the support

Stipend Core Team

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