Stipend Platform Changelog 17-Nov-2019

Nov 17, 2019 · 5 min read

We are pushing a new update focusing on the last fixes and enhancements before moving on to the USD-BTC deposits and the open Beta:


1 —More Notifications Missing — [Feature] For the “rejected the contract notification” this should be written in the chat inbox as well and close the chat between both parties.

When the client deletes the job, and if the freelancer’s is in interview stage, it should be written in the chat that “the job was deleted” and closes the chat between both parties.

2 —Sign up double data— [Back End Bug] Double data created during some signup instances. FIXED

3 — String structure to apply to job’s page — [User Interface Enhancement] Some string text needs to be formated to the same string structure.

4 — Redirection on “get a new applicant” is wrong + successful rated— [User Interface — Feature] leads to app/offer/ instead of /offers/ — also for the notification of “you have rated” this one should lead to the review page that got completed — this notif leads to nowhere, an URL that doesn’t exist

5 — New job’s carroussel string issue as well. — [User Interface -Features] need to display only the first line here. and string structure as previously seen in other cards

6 —”Mark all as read” isn’t socketed — nor is the “job’s completion” notif — [Bug / User Interface] FIXED

7 — Inbox display— [Feature UI] We want message to concatenate until the other person speaks (like whatsapp or whatever)

8 — Edit a job functionnality— [Feature]User should be able to get the items he filled for the job creation and being able to modify them (description, skills and title. Budget shouldn’t be allowed to be changed.)

9 — Clicking green check mark on notification (right-hand side) should make it “seen” without the need of refreshing— [Bug] somehow linked to 14.3 socketing mark as all read. FIXED

10 — The for example links should result in an automatic research of that word.— [UI] Clicking on “logo” should launch a search for “logo”.
4 items are ok, we’d need to get a list of 4 x 5 items to roam.

(logo, website, voiceover, social media, blockchain, graphics, video, twitter, marketing, accounting, web, fullstack, dev, mobile, software, SEO, data, wordpress, translation, service)

These are 20 examples, in the future, like a caroussel of 20 roaming;

11 — Amount in the contract. — [User Interface Feature]Changing the amount doesn’t have any effect?

When the freelancer applies to a job with a price different from the budget of the job, the Client should see this information somewhere (notification that the contract is asked for a modification or whatever.)

We also want the client/freelancer to change the amount
But if it increases, client has to deposit coins (notification + warning, and no validation/going ahead possible untill he enters a value he can cover with coins) (if getbalance jobs account is < enternewvalue, ask for deposit + notification)
[if increase, move freelanceralias jobsalias amountdifference] same for decrease.

Tasks Done

12 — Notification in inbox chat — Modification — [User Interface] Currently, people see both notification :

Freelancer rate me

Client rate me

We want it to display the notification that only belongs to the user.

13 — Dynamic Local time + country flag in “Freelancer’s profile” need to be added/debug— [Feature User Interface] Completed

14 — “Post similar job” button.[feature] This button when someone read a job description should redirect him to “post a job” with the information of the job he clicked on being cloned and pre-filled.

14 — Inbox display issue when clicking multiple time a row the button[feature] Clicking multiple on profile leads to the same page
First click on “inbox” leads to inbox, but next ones, inbox isn’t displayed in full.

— — — — — — — — — END CHANGELOG — — — — — — — — —

We are now as you can see having less bug to deal with and starting to push more and more essential features out progressively and on a weekly basis while taking into consideration every single comment or recommendation from Everyone involved in the project.


Thank you for all the support

Stipend Core Team

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