Weekly Update #16

Following the Launch of the Alpha

Main Page of the Stipend Platform

Stipend Blockchain Updates — NickS

These past two weeks have actually been slow on my end, primarily since we were able to resolve the exploits plaguing the chain, and have pretty much just been characterized by monitoring the current situation and working on a few improvements here and there. The last fork seems to have also fixed all the problems regarding rewards, and as a result it seems like Stipend’s finally been able to return to a stable state, allowing us to move forward with platform development. More so than this, I can finally again start to implement QoL improvements once more.

Alpha Launch, UI/UX Continuous Updates — Felix

In the past few weeks I’ve worked closely with our UI/UX designer and Vue developers to bring as many pages as possible to the alpha. It was finally deployed on June 30th, and is now live at the URL :(https://platform.stipend.me).

Outline of a Specific Job

Originally, the alpha was developed with a different design (modified theme) in mind, as well as a simpler/older tech stack. If you’re familiar with our demo, that’s pretty much what we were using. Midway through the development, however, we decided to switch the front-end aspect to Vue.js/Vuex. We also decided to also go with custom designs built from scratch. As a result, pretty much every pixel except from icons/fonts is custom made. That shift had a big impact however, as ever since then the front-end has been lagging behind the back-end. Even so, we’re quickly closing that distance, with updates and improvements being pushed daily.

Portfolio for a Freelancer

Because of this, the current alpha doesn’t contain all the necessary pages/features that the back-end has implemented. Over the coming days/weeks, however, we’ll be primarily focusing on it and will add more and more features over time.

Press Releases, IDAX Listing, New Exchange Talks — Neal

This past week, Stipend has also been listed on IDAX (idax.mn). The listing fee of such has been deducted from the premine, what’s left is primarily going to fund the daily costs/salaries that the project entails. More so than this, however, we’re also in talks with quite a few other exchanges, three of which can be compared to IDAX in terms of volume.

Stipend is Currently Listed on IDAX

Also, readers, please note that Stipend’s success primarily depends on the individuals involved — not just the developers but also the supporters as well. Make sure to spread the news of our Alpha Launch as well as the new listing on IDAX! Please donate as well, every little bit helps pay for the cost/upkeep required to keep development surging.

Conferences, Marketing, Masternode Fund — Grave

With block #240k coming up, the team is hard at work getting everything ready to commence our marketing campaign, talking with IDAX in particular as well as a few individuals behind the scenes. Once the platform is at a finalized state where it can truly presented and pointed at as a symbol of our team’s strength, we’ll launch our campaign in full force. The numerous companies, governments, and individuals that we met and made connections with in Dubai are waiting for a proper testing platform, and as such we’ve been pushing the development of the platform as necessary.

In regards to IDAX, we’re currently in the midst of finalizing a partnership with them to launch a massive marketing campaign to their 100,000 daily users. This would not only greatly help awareness of the project but also increase our footprint in Asian markets as we grow and develop as a coin. 15,000 SPD from the premine is being used to help fund this campaign, and should be launched any day now.

As mentioned in the last update, the team went and created a number of masternodes from the premine to help support future growth. We’ve spent quite a bit of our own funds and funds from the premine to help support the coin up to this point. This is primarily just a measure to ensure that we always have money coming in to support further development.

As you all know, we also have a shop to help support the team — we are planning to add a new T-Shirt design every week: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/stipend/

This following week, we plan to focus further on following up on our connections from the FutureBlockchainSummit in Dubai, as well as getting some tasks done regarding Stipend’s legal aspect and the finalization of the LLC.

CryptoBridge Issues, WhitePaper Rework, Team — Zhang

A lot has transpired over the last few weeks, not just the IDAX listing and the release of the Alpha. Regarding the situation with Crypto-Bridge, they’ve let us know that they will be finally resolving users’ deposit issues and missing funds within the coming week. They have been extremely backlogged due to the dozens of new coin listings they have decided to allow, thus making it difficult for legacy coins to be addressed. Even so, its good that they have finally gone and set a timeline.

We also are beginning to rework the WhitePaper. It was always our intention to do so, and now that the Alpha has been released and the blockchain is being constantly improved, we believe it is time to rewrite and expand upon the current iteration. The main changes will primarily be the refinement of the blockchain section, a more detailed and expansive section regarding the platform, and more detailed sections regarding business strategy and market capitalization.

Another major aspect of our continued growth and development is our current plan to hire more developers — in particular Vue developers — to help us accelerate the pace of the platform development.

We plan to also bring more legal assistance to the project as we are establishing our corporate identity in Malta. We are working with a consultant group as of now to help finalize any corporate paperwork to help build the legitimacy and security of our company. There has been a major push in the Stipend team for more organization and internal auditing for expenses and taxes.


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