Weekly Update #18

Updates, Redesigns, Summits

Jul 30, 2018 · 9 min read
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Main Page of the Stipend Platform

These past weeks in particular has been incredibly productive for us as a team, and we’ve accomplished quite a bit, all of which will be explained thoroughly in this update.

We recently made the decision to overhaul Stipend’s wallet’s UI and functionality, updating the look and making it much cleaner and more streamlined as a whole. Not only will this allow us to stand out more as a coin and project, but it makes sending and receiving coins much simpler and more intuitive. Here’s some screenshots from the final layout:

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Stipend Wallet “Dashboard” Tab

As you can see, we decided to transition from a strictly horizontal layout to one that’s more vertical in design. We moved “Total Balance” to it’s own box as we wanted to highlight the number of coins that you’re currently holding and increased the number of transactions shown on “Recent Transactions” from six to eight.

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Stipend Wallet “Receive” Tab

This tab wasn’t changed too much. We primarily just added borders and a layout upgrade to the table and title throughout, making everything look more streamlined.

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Stipend Wallet “Send” Tab

For this tab, we moved “Custom Change Address” and “Split UTXO” to their own tab and fixed all the layout errors that were currently plaguing the old design. We also decided to move “InstantX” closer to the “Send” button in order to highlight its use.

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Stipend Wallet “Masternodes” Tab

We went and removed all the non-functional buttons for this tab, and reorganized the table to not include the “Network” functionality that it had in previous versions. This saves a lot of CPU usage, as the wallet isn’t querying the network every few seconds.

We’ve been hard at work updating and improving Stipend’s platform throughout, adding necessary features and fixing small bugs and such. We’ve currently implemented the following:

“Global” Updates

  • Added versioning to the files (CSS/JS/etc) so whenever we push a new update, the browser will be forced to re-download everything, preventing the caching issue.
  • Added “Forgot Password” set of pages and the functionality has been connected with the BE. Note — you’re only supposed to change password in case you created your account using email & password and not if you used Google/Facebook Oauth.
  • The “Hire Freelancer” page and functionality has been added. Now you can browse the list of individual freelancers. However, you won’t see your name currently as we haven’t yet added the functionality to mark your account as a freelancer.
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“Hire Freelancer” Page
  • Added mock freelancers to the DB without deleting real users so that you can still see “freelancers” and get a better idea about how that page works.
  • The “View Specific Freelancer” page and functionality has been added. Now you can click on any individual freelancer in the “Hire Freelancer” page and it’ll take you there.
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“View Specific Freelancer” Page

“Find Work Page” Updates

  • Added “Reset all Filters” functionality
  • Implemented the logic behind “Skills”

“Hire Freelancer Page” Updates

  • Added pagination to the “Hire Freelancer” page
  • Added sorting to the “Hire Freelancer” page (by rating and by hourly, both ascending and descending)
  • The page contains a list of freelancers. Each one shows their Name/Title/Location/Reviews/Bio/Hourly/Skills and past data.
  • The categories on the left side on the “Hire Freelancer” page allow the user to specifically select for what category he/she is looking for a freelancer. The functionality isn’t yet implemented, but we’d like to hear your feedback about this idea and whether you think a different approach would be better
  • Skills/Countries/Search isn’t currently functional on “Hire Freelancer” page
  • This page contains several tabs (Overview/Reviews/Jobs/Portfolio) and is supposed to showcase freelancer in great detail. Most of the data on this page regarding past work history/portfolio/reviews is simply mock data for now since we still haven’t worked on the “Apply to job”/”Hire freelancer” — which is a part of our next set of tasks. Once that’s done, we’ll revisit this page and connect all the component with that newly, by then, built part of the web app.
  • Added alert links to call-to-action buttons on the page that aren’t currently implemented.

“Home Page” Updates

  • Fixed “Explore Jobs” link. Now leads to /jobs
  • Fixed “Explore Freelancers” link. Now leads to /freelancers
  • “Latest Jobs” on the “Home Page” now correctly shows the newest 5 jobs posted.
  • Implemented the logic behind “Top Freelancers” — it now shows top 6 freelancers.
  • Renamed “Top Stipends” to “Top Freelancers”
  • Renamed “How it Works” to “Read Whitepaper”, linked to Github
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“Read Whitepaper” instead of “How it Works”
  • Pointed “About Stipend” to http://www.stipend.me/
  • Pointed “Blog” to Stipend Medium articles
  • Pointed “Stipend Cryptocurrency” to http://www.stipend.me/
  • Implemented scroll functionality for “How it Works” button

“Extra/Behind the Scenes” Updates

  • Added Vue official ESLinter for better code readability.
  • Started refactoring Vuex modules
  • Started refactoring Vue main layout
  • Refactored Navbar component

After being selected for the upcoming Delta Blockchain Summit, which is explicitly organized by the officials of Malta and happening around the same time as the Malta Blockchain Summit, we needed to choose between the two events. We ended up deciding to go with the Delta Blockchain Summit, primarily because our main goal is to meet individuals face-to-face and get deals with partners in the public sector.

With the Delta Blockchain Summit, one member of the team will officially represent Stipend in the Speaker Panel. We’ll be speaking alongside individuals such as Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, and Dr. Joseph Muscat, the Prime Minister of Malta. See the full list of speakers here: https://www.delta-summit.com/speakers/.

The event will be held the 3–5 of October, and is the perfect situation to present the full, working product to a large audience.

Not only did we finish the wallet redesign, but we’ve also started work on an extensive web-wallet, which will allow individuals to easily track their balances across computers, without having to download the Desktop wallet.

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Main Page of Web-Wallet

Development is almost complete, and functionality is implemented and working perfectly, however we’re still improving the CSS/layout of the site throughout. We hope to have it finished by next week.

We’ve written, edited, and released the new version of the Stipend whitepaper. It is currently hosted on Github: https://github.com/Stipend-Developer/stipend-whitepaper, if you want to read it. It details our ideas and outlines our designs for the finished platform and blockchain, explaining everything thoroughly.

The new website is almost complete, as it takes quite a while to render the animations that we want to showcase on the main page. We expect to have it completely finished in the coming days, as we’ve hosted it and just working on the content currently.

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Final Render of Website Animation

We’ve also recently launched our new Bitcointalk ANN, which so far consists of an extensive signature campaign and content bounties. If you want to earn some extra Stipend while helping out the project, feel free to check them out: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4694590. There is no current date by which either campaign will end, as the team’s masternodes allow for us to reward this behavior in perpetuity. For the signature campaign, weekly payouts will occur every Sunday.

To further increase community interaction and involvement on the Discord and for all the support through the months of hard work, we’ve decided to officially announce new weekly Discord giveaways and competitions. There will be three different categories.

  • Questionnaires / Responses / Typical Giveaways (300 SPD). These will be hosted randomly in the new #giveaways channel that has been created.
  • A new XP system powered by the “mee6” bot (300 SPD). The commands are: !levels (Leaderboard), !rank (Current Rank). The more you talk/interact on our Discord channel, the higher your level will be. Each week we will evaluate the XP/level of members and pay rewards to the top five individuals with the highest level. We have implemented measures to stop flooding/spam and other issues to insure fairness, and every week everyone’s level resets. Only the general channels(main channels beside off topic), international, workshop, and support channels have XP point given. If you are spamming, we will send a warning, then if it does not stop, we will reset your score. We want to have a fair system for everyone participating
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The Current “mee6” Leaderboard
  • Inviting individuals to our Discord (100 SPD). This will be powered by the “ReferralRanks” bot. The commands are: !invites (Current Number of Invites), !leaderboard (Leaderboard). Every week we will take the time to evaluate the invitations and referrals sent out and reward one random member in the top 50 (not the core team) with the greatest number of legitimate members invited.

Best of luck to all that decide to participate! Both the mee6 and referral contests will conclude every Sunday where winners will be declared for that week. If you win, you’ll have 48 hours to claim your prize.

We’ve also released node-js bindings for stipendd, making it simple for a developer to communicate with the daemon through node-js. Feel free to use them how you will, you can find them at https://github.com/Stipend-Developer/stipend-nodejs.

Regarding the meeting with the top-10 worldwide tech company that we discussed in the last weekly update, it went quite well. After they checked our updated whitepaper and reviewed the backend of the project, they decided to set a date for another meeting in which we expect to start discussing the details of a partnership. If everything goes as planned, we may secure one of the biggest partnership announcements ever in crypto. The meeting is currently scheduled for August 10th.

We recently won a free listing from BiteBTC, and have since been listed. They’re an up-and-coming exchange who’s goal is to be KYC compliant and offer wire transfers. Although we’re listed alongside many other coins, the possibility for fiat-to-SPD transactions is something that we are enthusiastic about.

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BiteBTC Listing Tweet

If you want to read the article that we won the listing competition with, you can check it out here: https://medium.com/@zan4545/solving-the-blockchain-fiat-dilemma-how-new-exchanges-like-bitebtc-challenge-legacy-players-11095ffd4e12.

We’re also currently involved in a few voting competitions in which the winner get’s a free listing. You can help us out by pledging your vote using the links below:

Thank you for all your support in the last few months! We’re working hard daily, doing all that we can to build up Stipend as a world-class cryptocurrency!

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SPD Donations : Sjy1V27DxWtwcGVEHgaRV688WjWxzDqYsX
BTC Donations: 14dKcsrFTVvhWbEw1K4KHibRPGzhjiSNar
ETH Donations: 0xb4142B7cC3A2Be7bAc437482CeBB1867e89a056e
LTC Donations: Ld2fe8voH5eTzqNCmfwenbrA66FzASfnMT

Twitter: http://twitter.com/StipendOff
Telegram: http://t.me/StipendOfficial
Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/stipend
Discord: http://discord.gg/Q6vyckx

Note that we are most active on our Discord, with us and over a dozen Community Helpers/Managers, offering 24/7 support. We’d be happy to answer any questions and inquiries that you may have.

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