Weekly Update #19

Platform and Partnership Updates

Aug 12, 2018 · 7 min read
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Main Page of the Stipend Platform

The following update describes all the progress that we’ve accomplished over the last few weeks, especially regarding the platform and partnership deliberations with one specific organization.

Platform Updates

We’ve been hard at work updating and improving Stipend’s platform throughout, adding necessary features and fixing small bugs and such. We haven’t quite gotten to a point where we’ve been able to release the new features, however, as we’re still wiring up functionality for a few pages. We’ll push everything as soon as we’re able, although here’s a list of everything we’ve currently implemented:

The “Submit Proposal” Page:

  • An interested Freelancer is now able to go and express their interest in a job and provide a relevant offer for the respective Client to review, compare, and make a decision regarding other applicants whom are also interested.
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“Submit Proposal” Page of the Stipend Platform
  • As you can see above, this page primarily consists of the submission of the Freelancer’s cover letter as well as answers to the Client’s screening questions and overall bid for the time worked. Every proposal made will be able to be reviewed independently by the Client until they makes a decision on which Freelancer to hire.

The “My Offers” Page:

  • A Client is now able to go and review every individual job that they’ve posted for work. They’ll be able to check the number of individuals who’ve viewed the job, the time and date that it was posted, as well as the number of proposals that interested freelancers have sent.
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“My Offers” Page of the Stipend Platform

The “Specific Offer” Page:

  • A Client is now able to view an individual job that they’ve posted specifically. This page is broken down into four different sections: “Job Description”, “Proposals”, “Invite Freelancers”, and “Hires”, that help to show information about both the job and interested Freelancers, making it easier for the Client to make a decision.
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“Specific Offer” Page of the Stipend Platform
  • This tab of the “Specific Offer” page highlights the “Job Description” posted. The Client is able to go and view the original description posted at the job’s conception as well as the original offer for payment, date, and required experience.
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“Specific Offer” Page of the Stipend Platform
  • This tab of the “Specific Offer” page highlights each individual “Proposal” made by a Freelancer. The Client in question is able to view each separately, taking into account multiple factors when making a decision. The Freelancer’s rating and location is also shown, as well as their typical hourly rate and the category that they most often work.
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“Specific Offer” Page of the Stipend Platform
  • This image shows an example of a Freelancer’s proposal being viewed by a Client. Everything relevant to the job is included, including the Freelancer’s cover letter, answers to screening questions, estimated price, reviews, and location. If the Client decides that they’re interested in a specific Freelancer, they can choose to “Hire” them on the spot or “Invite to Interview” for further questioning.

The “Inbox” Page:

  • An individual is now able to exchange correspondence with another and answer any questions or comments that either may have regarding work.
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“Inbox” Page of the Stipend Platform
  • As you can see, this page is primarily broken down by conversations. It shows you when the individual in question is online as well as recent messages sent and received. You can attach documents or images and discuss important topics directly.

“Miscellaneous” Updates

  • Search box now works for “Freelancers” page
  • Fix for homepage latest N jobs — it didn’t load the last N ones, but oldest N ones
  • Added star system — for ratings that converts any float number into stars
  • Skills searching now works for “Freelancers” page

“Minor/Text” Updates

  • Changed “Find Job With Us” to “Find a Job With Us”
  • Changed “Both” to “All”, regarding “Price Type” on the “Find Work” page
  • Changed “Hire Freelancers” to “Freelancers” on the “Hire Freelancer” page
  • Refactored Currencies module


As mentioned in the last weekly update, Stipend’s new website is almost complete. The animations are rendered and everything’s in place, we’re just finalizing the individual content for each page before we go and release. We expect to have it completely finished in the coming days, as we’ve hosted it and just working on the content currently.

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Final Render of Website Animation

Partnership Updates

Regarding the August 10th meeting, everything went better than expected. The main point discussed was how a smaller, independent project (Stipend) can work with and benefit one of the biggest technological companies in the world. Each aspect of our technology and whitepaper was reviewed rigorously and they ultimately came away impressed and interested with what we’re offering them — especially as they already spend billions of dollars on Freelance work yearly and are no stranger to the problems faced, including:

  • Acquiring talents
  • Sticking to deadlines and accomplishing any work at all
  • Transaction fees, especially when dealing with Freelancers whom are located on the other side of the globe
  • Managing thousands of Freelancers yearly

Regarding the name of the company, we will be having multiple meetings with them in the next few days in which we hope to finalize a deal and earn the legal right to speak about them publically.

Dakuce Exchange

We’ve recently been one of the first coins to be listed on the Dakuce exchange. You can read about them further here: https://bitcoinist.com/dakuce-secured-international-cryptocurrency-exchange-platform/. They’ve recently completed their ICO and are starting to market their platform further. They offer:

  • Dedicated Team and Management
  • A Strong, Reliable, User-Friendly, and Secure Platform
  • High Market Liquidity

In spite of the fact that they are just starting out, getting listed on another exchange can prove to be a good thing in the long run, not only allowing more individuals to learn about our project and what we’re developing but also improving liquidity and the like.

CryptoBridge Updates

The vast majority of the deposit issues with Crypto-Bridge have been resolved, however it seems that some users still have not received their deposits. Don’t worry, we will not stop reminding and demanding user reimbursement until everyone is happy. They have made some serious mistakes over private keys and addresses in the past and we will continue to help them resolve it. We, the Stipend Team, however, have no access to their backend. They’ve told us that their main developers are on vacation until August 14th. Once they return, we’ll work everything out.

IDAX Updates

We’re currently talking to IDAX regarding their failure to adhere to the marketing campaign approved by both parties. We have requested a refund as well as many other ways to improve the current situation, but they have been unresponsive and have been stonewalling us. We will seek additional measures to hold them accountable.

YouTube Interview

We have also organized an interview with Seth Estrada regarding the coin and the platform in general. His YouTube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCEEDxLdthvjhsVI0b6XyhQ. The interview is currently scheduled for this coming week.

Discord “Meme” Channel

We’ve decided to create a “Meme” channel to further promote community involvement and create a bit of a fun contest. Every meme posted in the #memes channel on Discord will be entered into a competition, in which the top three (selected by the community) will receive 100 SPD/75 SPD/50 SPD respectively.

Exchange Voting

We’re also currently involved in a few voting competitions in which the winner get’s a free listing. You can help us out by pledging your vote using the links below:

Thank you for all your support in the last few months! We’re working hard daily, doing all that we can to build up Stipend as a world-class cryptocurrency!

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SPD Donations : Sjy1V27DxWtwcGVEHgaRV688WjWxzDqYsX
BTC Donations: 14dKcsrFTVvhWbEw1K4KHibRPGzhjiSNar
ETH Donations: 0xb4142B7cC3A2Be7bAc437482CeBB1867e89a056e
LTC Donations: Ld2fe8voH5eTzqNCmfwenbrA66FzASfnMT

Social Media

Twitter: http://twitter.com/StipendOff
Telegram: http://t.me/StipendOfficial
Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/stipend
Discord: http://discord.gg/Q6vyckx

Note that we are most active on our Discord, with us and over a dozen Community Helpers/Managers, offering 24/7 support. We’d be happy to answer any questions and inquiries that you may have.

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