Psychic Perceptions

I have been a psychic now for many years and over those years have experienced some amazing things. I’d like to present some of the things that happened to me. I leave you, the reader to make up your own mind.

Since my childhood, I’ve always been interested in the ‘big’ deep questions such as: God, the universe, aliens, life after death, anomalies etc. For most people in the world, these questions aren’t relevant in terms of surviving in this world, paying bills taxes, putting food on the table etc.

These questions however….are MORE relevant, than living day to day. There is an old saying, taken from the Oracle at Delphi… “Know Thyself.” Many people just rush through life, enjoying its material pleasures, money, things, hedonistic pleasures, drink, drugs, sex, wealth and power etc.

These people and this includes most of the global masses, seldom, if ever, take time to reflect on the world around them and their place in it and in relation to the universe. They rush through life and then die at the end of it.

Surely that’s not all life is about? There has to be more? Well, there is! In the film The Matrix, it perceives the world as a hologram…a womb (matrix) and that there is an ‘actual’ reality that is totally different from the percieved ‘real’ world that is the matrix!

The ancient Mayans believed that this physical world was simply illusory and the word ‘Maya’ means ‘illusion.’ if we were to examine anything allegedly physical under an electron microscope, we would see that there is actually more ‘nothingness’ than substance….in other words…more holes and space than ‘stuff.’

Now this turns our perception of materialism (meaning physical objects) on its head! How can something appear and ‘feel’ solid, yet be full of nothing when examined at the sub-atomic level???

We’re back to square one again. However, let’s talk about our third eye. Yes you read that correctly…..’third’ eye. What’s that? well, in the space between our eyes….right in the middle of our forehead….is the location of our third, or psychic eye. It’s actually our psychic centre and our inner portal to the real spiritual dimensions beyond this seemingly physical world.

The third eye can be opened using meditative techniques and raising our ‘energetic’ vibration. By energetic, I mean that we are actually beings of energy….spiritual energy!

Our body is controlled by various whirling vortices called ‘chakras’ which are linked to specific areas within our physical body. When the third eye is activated properly, you will begin to see things that you never realised were there!

When my third eye was opening….I had awoken one morning around nine-ish. I was fully awake (I awake instantly) and decided to just lie there and let my mind freewheel. I had my eyes open and was looking up at the ceiling, when all of a sudden….a kind of letter box shaped full colour ‘vision’ appeared right in front of me.

Through this letterbox, I could see the forehead and bridge of the nose of an elderly woman. She had silvery grey hair (from what I could see) and beautiful, crinkly blue eyes. I couldn’t see the full face (because of the letterbox shaped vision) this lasted for about just under a minute and I was studying this portion of the face in detail….then, just as quickly as it appeared….it disappeared again.

My psychic teacher at the time, had told me my third eye was beginning to open and I must admit… was a truly wonderful experience. A few years later, a similar vision appeared again, but this time, I was in a sitting position (as if in a car) and I was in a country road, with tarmac surface and fields on either side of me.

This sounds a bit strange, but I started moving along this road quite slowly and I had read somewhere that you can speed up your vision films…so I did. I said the words ‘spin on’ and I began moving faster down this country road.

I was ‘clocking’ everything (the scenery around me) and eventually, I came to a ‘tee’ (T) junction and realised I couldn’t go straight ahead, because it was a field in front me (with a banking)….but I could go right or left.

Again, like before….the vision dissipated and vanished, leaving me pondering. It seemed obvious to me that I was being shown that in my life, the present path I was on was now terminated….but I could change course!

These two experiences are all I’ve had in that sense…but the point I’m making, is that when our third eye opens, we are given good advice and see things that will help us along the way and that the spirit world (populated by US….the true energetic beings) will help us and coach us.

In my forthcoming articles, I’ll speak more on these topics. Hope you enjoyed this one.

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