I’ve been doing what I can to improve myself in many ways for the past couple of years. That path has led me to Buddhism and Mindfulness. These ideals resonate quite nicely in my spirit, and I really do feel more peaceful with them.

A large part of Buddhism, as well as Mindfulness, is letting go of things that cause suffering. Case in point; some co-workers used to really set me on edge. I used to cringe to myself when I had to interact with them, and this always led me to trying to ‘outsmart’ them or somehow be better than they were. It was stressful, and didn’t do me any favors. Worse, (at least at that time) they weren’t even phased. They just kept on being slightly annoying to me and never even noticed.

Obviously, this wasn’t working, but it continued until I was able to reconcile this against what I was learning in my quest to become better. I had been practicing the art of letting go, and feeling so much better about myself. And that started bleeding over to the other aspects of my life. Such as work.

Yesterday, because of a mandatory training I attended, I was in direct contact with both of these co-workers.

And things went perfectly. There were even smiles and laughs. Genuine good feelings. And not a hint of anger towards them.

It wasn’t something that I had to do right there on the spot; I had already become pretty good at letting things go. I was simply acting in a way that wasn’t conclusive to me being bothered by them. It just never even factored in. They attended the training, and I simply just let them be who they were going to be. I didn’t try to one up them, or outsmart them, or any of my old behaviors. They got to be exactly who they were, and I got to interact with them exactly as they were without changing myself to somehow ‘fit’. Relaxed is a good way to describe it.

And it was a damn good day.

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