Flynn Down: Layers of The Russian Nesting Dolls of The Trump Presidency

In an ever nauseating death spiral of a strikingly incompetent and dangerously dishonest administration, led by a thin skinned toddler of a Twitter troll, we find ourselves yet again amid another scandal.

This new layer of this endless Russian nesting doll of clusterfucks, involves the National Security Adviser to President Trump, Michael Flynn, lying to pretty much everyone about conversations that he had with the Russian Ambassador to Washington, Sergey Kislyak, after President Obama enacted sanctions against Russia for efforts to interfere in the American presidential elections through cyber attacks and other means.

First, let us just remind ourselves that Russia has been an ever present cloud over Trump’s candidacy and presidency.

Remember things like:

  • Paul Manafort resigning as Trump’s campaign manager because of his past work for the Russian government in Ukraine.
  • Trump asking the Russians on Live TV to hack Hillary’s emails (which they did…).
  • Trump appointing a “Medal of Friendship” level friend of Vladimir Putin in Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.
  • Trump praising Putin as “smart” for his response to AMERICAN sanctions for meddling in our elections (a response that Michael Flynn most likely encouraged).
  • Trump refusing for months to acknowledge that Russia had any involvement in the hacking of the DNC during the presidential elections despite consensus from all of the American Intelligence agencies.
  • Trump still refusing to say ANYTHING negative about Vladimir Putin, even after acknowledging that Russia did hack into our elections.
  • Russia celebrating Trump’s Victory over Hillary Clinton.
  • Trump going as far as drawing equivalency between Russia’s authoritarian government and America by saying that US is not “so innocent”, when pressed by Bill O’Reilly on his “respect” for Putin, who Bill called a “killer”.
  • Trump’s aggressive temperament and negative attitude towards various world leaders and nations, including our allies, but especially China and Mexico, while very noticeably leaving out Russia.
  • The “Dossier” containing uncorroborated stories about the Russian’s golden shower themed blackmail material against Trump.

This is what we have so far, but I am confident that there is more to be discovered.

I will not confirm nor deny that I am in the possession of video footage and a glorious “Human Centipede” style orgy involving Trump, Putin, Flynn, Bannon, Kim Jong-un, and Darth Vader…

Several things are concerning about this whole Flynn story. Chief, in my mind, is the fact that the White House was warned about Flynn’s vulnerability to Russian blackmail 19 days ago. Trump and his team were aware and did nothing. The only thing that changed between Trump knowing and Flynn’s resignation of Monday February 13th is that the story was made public by reports from the Washington Post.

Now why oh why would Trump keep Flynn in his administration after being briefed by the FBI that based on their transcripts of the calls between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador, he has lied repeatedly to the press and to the President and Vice President about the nature of those calls?

This question inevitably brings concerns that perhaps Flynn was directed by Trump to discuss the future repeal of the Obama sanctions by Trump’‘s administration. This, I believe should be the focus of the pending investigations into the matter. Based on the atmosphere of Russian influence that I painted earlier, this should not be dismissed as just mere speculation. Any other honest criminal investigation would easily see this as potential motives of a co-conspirator.

The other matter is just the sheer incompetence of this administration to stay on message or to at least brief the people they send to talk to the media of what the message is. Kellyanne Conway says that the President stands firmly behind Flynn, just to have Press Secretary Spicer say that they are “reevaluating” the situation a mere hour later and then to have Flynn resign the same day.

And in the aftermath, we have Conway telling the press that Flynn chose to resign, just to have that contradicted by Spicer’s statements that Trump requested Flynn’s resignation.

This is a shit show!

Now we must stay vigilant and hope that an overwhelmingly Republican and Trumpist government will pursue an honest and complete investigation as to the extent of Flynn’s involvement with the Russians and weed out any and all co-conspirators, even those at the very top. Although, it’s already not very promising to have Trump not say a single word about Flynn and instead tweet that the “real story” is the “leaks”.

You know, like when your wife finds out that you have been unfaithful and you convince her that the real problem is that your best friend snitched on you…

Good fucking luck, America.

The Bourboneer.