7 questions for our Australian Country Manager Radinck van Vollenhoven

Stocard goes Australia! As we are very excited to open our first international office in Sydney, we want to introduce our new Country Manager Radinck van Vollenhoven. Prior to Stocard, Radinck worked for Apple and Spotify, where he was responsible for building up the Australian market. Read about his personal background, why he is so passionate about the tech industry and what his goals are with Stocard.

Radinck van Vollenhoven
  1. 5 facts about you?

I’m half Australian, half Dutch.

Being the son of an ambassador, I got to travel a lot as a kid and lived in many different places.

I studied International Business in Groningen, in the Netherlands.

My family and I moved over to Sydney from Amsterdam about 5 years ago. I have three adorable little boys.

When not working on the Stocard expansion I try to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends. I also love sports, so I’m a bit disappointed that the Netherlands were not playing in the European football championship this year.

2. Why did you start working in tech?

Working in an industry that aims to simplify and improve lives and make everything easier, faster and better is the main driver for me to work in tech. Technology companies offer lots of variety and complex problems to solve and I am generally surrounded by people that are a lot smarter than me.

Prior to Stocard, I worked at Apple, Criteo and Spotify in various business development and management positions. I have always been passionate about building technology companies and thrive in a fast paced start-up environment.

3. What drives you to work in a startup again?

The fact that you can make a real difference to the direction of a company and help build something meaningful that solves a problem and that people love to use. The opportunity to work with a small but driven team to help shape the future of mobile wallets really appealed to me. Stocard have developed an excellent product that can help retailers close the loop from mobile to offline with store based data, which is really exciting.

4. What are the challenges for Stocard in the Australian market?

There are mostly opportunities I think, but retail is a very traditional sector. We will need to work hard to familiarise retailers with the benefits of using Stocard as a relevant and highly effective marketing channel. We want to ensure that mobile starts to take centre stage in their retention and acquisition strategies.

“I envisage Stocard growing into a must-use engagement and marketing channel for all leading Australian retailers and primary mobile wallet for all Australian shoppers.”

5. What are your goals with Stocard?

To grow the Stocard Australian office into a vibrant and important part of the Stocard business and to build a passionate and enthusiastic team with an open and transparent culture. I envisage Stocard growing into a must-use engagement and marketing channel for all leading Australian retailers and primary mobile wallet for all Australian shoppers. After that, we should be looking at the APAC region and which markets to tackle next.

6. What are your three favorite apps?

I actually have four: Uber, Spotify, Netflix and, of course, Stocard.

7. What are your top five loyalty programs?

Hyatt Rewards, IKEA Family, Flybuys, Myer One and Everyday Rewards.

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