Five free must-have apps to make the best bargains on Black Friday 2015

When ambitious deal hunters spend their nights in front of shopping malls it’s either iPhone release time or Black Friday. For everyone who wants to use his new iPhone 6S (or any other smartphone) to avoid camping on inner-city concrete for the second time within three months, we’ve compiled the five free must-have smartphone apps for iPhone and Android, which will keep your shopping bags full and your stress level low during Black Friday 2015.

Dealnews - Discover the best deals in advance.
Dealnews gathers information on Black Friday sales and deals from thousands of websites and retailers for you. All you have to do is search the huge database and chose from the stores you plan to visit. Once you do, you’ll have access to their Black Friday ads as well as curated deals from the Dealnews team. Plus, if you have found that video game your brother has always been looking for at the best price ever — simply share it! All relevant deals can be sent to him or any family, friends, and coworkers via email, Instant Message, Facebook, or Twitter.

Waze - Find the quickest way to your shopping destinations.
For sure you want to spend the least time possible in your car to have more shopping time in store. Waze, the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app, navigates you using the fastest route to your next shopping destination with the fewest traffic delays. You’re in a rush to the next mall and “overlook” some speed signs? Luckily, Waze also informs you about speed cameras and other police activity along the way. Waze works by tracking activity with GPS among its millions of users, sharing the information for smarter driving. This clever app also saves you gas money by shortening your car journey and showing you the cheapest gas stations around.

Point Inside - … and all shortcuts even inside buildings.
After making it to the mall in time, you do not want to lose any time strolling around inside. Download the Point Inside app to find the quickest way through over 1,250 malls across North America to your favorite shop. Before you arrive you can plan your adventure, figure out the best place to park, and get a sense of which indoor route you want to take to hit all your targets. Need some more cash or looking for the nearest lavatory? Point inside also features a complete listing of services including restrooms, ATMs, parking and food courts.

ShopSavvy - Compare offline and online prices in store.
All those deals on Black Friday might look like the best bargain ever, but are they really? The Shopsavvy app allows you to quickly compare prices on the items you want to buy with retailers in your neighborhood and online. Using the barcode found on the packaging, Shopsavvy will plug that code into an online database to discover not just similar prices at other major retailers, but also availability, product details, and other useful information. You will always leave the store with the certainty in mind to have made the best bargain on this product out there. In addition, if you are in one of those stores, which offer price matching, ShopSavvy will and display a screen you can show your cashier at checkout to get instant savings!

Stocard - Claim your rewards and slim your wallet.
Many shoppers miss out on great saving opportunities (especially during the high-spending period around Black Friday) because they forget their loyalty cards at home or don’t sign up at all in fear of an overcrowded wallet. The free Stocard App keeps your wallet slim and tidy, while allowing you to collect all rewards to make even bigger savings on your deals by digitizing all rewards cards with your smartphone. To do so, select the card you want to add in Stocard and scan the barcode with your smartphone’s camera. The app then creates a digital copy on your phone. At the store, simply show your digital card in the app to receive all discounts and rewards just like you would with your plastic card. Collecting rewards has never been easier! Plus, Stocard also shows you all flyers and coupons matching your loyalty cards to inform you about the best deals around right at the palm of your hand.

Now, download these free five apps to have an edge among the rest on this Black Friday 2015. Plus, once you have these apps on your smartphone, they will also help you making the best deals on the other 364 days of the year.

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We are Europe’s most-popular rewards app with over five million users and a rapidly growing fan base in North America. With our free smartphone app we want to make collecting rewards easier than ever to create a truly comfortable shopping experience for everyone.

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