35 Different Ways People Trade and Invest

The stock market is filled with different types of investors and traders.

To some extent, not enough people understand or appreciate that. Instead they pick one school of thought and ignore the rest. But a few days ago we asked everyone: how do you trade and invest? Over 100 people responded and in this post we’re going to highlight how interesting, clever, funny, and unique some of the answers are.

  1. Scanning for bases and breakouts:

2. Swing trading powerful moves:

3. A day trader who never holds overnight:

4. Finding precise entry points:

5. Swing trading and dividend stocks (from your’s truly and the author of this post 👍):

6. Simply said — only options:

7. Options, momentum, and dividends:

8. Invests in what he knows — medicine:

9. Looking for value and strong management:

10. Combines value investing and market psychology:

11. 😂 No way this works?:

12. Only blue chip stocks:

13. Trend following:

14. ETFs only!:

15. Small cap stocks that are gapping up:

16. A concentrated portfolio being watched really, really closely:

17. Combining technicals and fundamentals:

18. A macro thinker:

19. Swing trades commodities only:

20. Buy and hold growth:

21. The power of support and resistance:

22. Purely quant and algo trading:

23. LOL:

24. Value stocks for the 401(k) but swing trading on the side:

25. Dark pools and dark pool data:

26. Specific technicals ONLY:

27. Trades 3x leveraged gold miner stocks:

28. Relative strength is his favorite indicator:

29. SPY strangles:

30. A robotic trader following a strict system:

31. Buying all-time highs:

32. Scalp trading and using Bollinger Bands:

33. Trading panic and price:

34. Buy stocks, mostly:

35. Finding small cap growth and value:

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