The StockTwits community has an affinity for long-term and historical charts. As all traders and investors know, it’s important to know context and timeframe for every asset.

In this post, we have a few charts to share about timeframe and perspective. Especially because the New Year has begun and interest rates are starting to rise. So let’s get this started. For the uncertainties surrounding interest rates, here’s 135 years of it. Bookmark this below chart.

Now let’s apply that same methodology to the stock market. During the last month, the following has been one of the most viewed charts on the financial Internet. It shows the S&P 500, adjusted for inflation, since 1871.

As 2016 kicks-off, and the above charts in mind, one can only wonder what the markets will do next. Here’s what the biggest banks are thinking for the S&P 500 index. Remember, read these with caution. The experts rarely nail this number but it’s important to see what they’re thinking as you form your own thoughts about the market this year.

Happy investing and good luck in 2016! If you enjoyed these charts please let us know. We’ll keep them coming all year.

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