Saturday $STUDY Session, November 5th.

Great links shared on StockTwits over the past week that discuss process, mindset, & strategies for success in the Markets

As we close in on a U.S. Election pitting possibly the two worst choices in the history of our elections*, here’s how to ensure you portfolio survives:

“Not only is cash a position, it’s the only position that keeps me in this game. If I don’t have any, I can’t trade.”

“Anything can and will happen…if you trade long enough you’ll see it all. It’s just a matter of time. So for me, rather than drive myself crazy with price targets I do what all good trend followers do. I put in a stop, trail it along as my investment rises, and eventually, I get stopped out.”

“I had everything I needed to succeed. I think maybe I just never found my niche. I did a little of everything. But I never found that one niche to consistently make money.”

“We have only so much room in a portfolio, our attention can’t be solely on searching for new shiny stocks to buy. We must also monitor what we currently own and hone in our skills on when to sell.”

“Trading — just as other occupations — requires a completely different mindset and personality, and my [trading] vest is a physical reminder that my everyday frame of mind and normal thinking will not cut it in the stock market arena.”

*Author’s opinion.

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Curated by: Sean McLaughlin