Saturday $STUDY Session, Oct. 1st

Great links shared on StockTwits over the past week that discuss process, mindset, & strategies for success in the Markets

“A big trading score requires far more than the desire to make it happen, perseverance, incredible patience, discernment, boldness and the right trading tactics. It requires the right markets at the right time in a trader’s career — and that is largely a function of luck. Without the intervention of providence no amount of desire/boldness/trading tactics will make it happen.” ~@PeterLBrandt (FactorCo)

I think what differentiates us is that we’re not afraid of the downside of different situations when we’ve done the analysis. Some other people are very afraid of losing money, which keeps them from making money.” ~ David Tepper (Ivanhoff Capital)

The five best books on Economic History for Global Macro Investing and Trading (MacroOps)

The parallels between the life of a struggling trader and the life of a struggling comic are striking. Meet Kenny Glick, a trader who lives BOTH lives: (StockTwits)

“This is not an issue of discipline for traders. This is an issue of survival.” (Mike Bellafiore)

What made Peter Lynch great, and what are the five ways we can improve our investment approach based on Lynch’s experience? Here are a few takeaways from his teachings: (Latticework)

Turn off the news! The above from: (Pension Partners)

“To a very real degree, the task of active trading is really the task of managing the impact of volatility. This is a lot easier if we understand volatility, and understand how it may change.” (Adam H. Grimes)

So you think you want to quit your job to free up your time to make it as a Day Trader? You better read this first: (Vantage Point Trading)

How one market professional uses StockTwits to keep up with markets, hone in on his edge, monitor sentiment, and network with other smart traders and investors: (FMD Capital Management)

Keep a Trading Journal: Writing Things Down Can Offer Profitable Insight (The Ticker Tape)

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