For the last 10 years Stocktwits hasn’t allowed OTC stocks to have $TICKER streams. We have now changed that policy and will permit OTC $TICKER streams to be created and re-opened.

Historically, OTC equities weren’t added because fraudulent activity is more common among this sector. However, over the last year…

Today, Stocktwits is thrilled to announce an ongoing partnership with Wall Street Bound, Inc.

Wall Street Bound is an education and training non-profit organization founded by Troy Prince with a mission to create a pathway for talented urban youth to access and build successful careers in trading, investing and financial…

Hi Everyone -

Stocktwits is pleased to announce that we’ve added drag & drop and copy & paste images to our Stocktwits Web. This makes it super easy to share charts (and memes 😉).

You can simply drag an image from your desktop or web page right into the message entry box. You can also just copy and paste it there too.

Here’s a quick walkthrough video:

We’ve also added industry and sector information to Stocktwits Web on the right rail of symbol pages.

Please let us know what you think of these updates! You can hit us up on the site or email me directly at


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The Tale of the Tape

Today was rough. Please pour yourself a cocktail before reading further. 🍸

Good evening folks and happy…

A bunch of great charts have been posted to social media and blogged depicting Charts of the Decade. We’ve rummaged through a bunch of them and picked some of our favorites for this curated list.

Have a look.

Bubble of the Decade

Bitcoin will go down as one of the…

Come rain or shine, the Stocktwits community shares over 200,000 messages per day. That includes charts, news, trade ideas, and yes — lots of memes. …

On Stocktwits, HertCapital has been known for quite some time. But for those reading who haven’t had a chance to follow him, we asked him a few questions about his strategy, philosophy, and why he’s starting a Premium Room on Stocktwits.

So kick back and read our four-question Q&A to…

Anne-Marie is well known on Stocktwits. She has been a member since 2009. She studies markets full-time and has a unique background. She recently opened a Premium Room on Stocktwits to build a private community for those who want to learn, grow, and try to beat the markets with her.

Todd Sullivan (most of you know him on Stocktwits) has been investing for a long time. And he’s been investing under the teachings and schoolings of legends: Warren Buffett, Ben Graham, Seth Klarman, and others who fall into the same category. …

A new Premium Room has joined the Stocktwits community. This private Room is for everyone interested in the art and science of options. So get ready for OptionsPlayers and learn more about OptionPlayers by reading their story below.

1. Who is OptionsPlayers and what have you learned all these years?

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