Advice I keep emailing myself
Edward Lando

My wife loves playing Tetris with my life

But if she didn't fill up all the gaps in our calendar, Life would be boring and one-dimensional.

If I might be so bold as to add my two cents to your amazingly insightful post, Edward Lando -

3a. Stop being yourself (sometimes)

  • Have a(nother) baby
  • Order randomly at a restaurant you’ve never been to before
  • Go camping (even though your back will need the week to recover)
  • Travel overseas to physically meet someone you’ve only ever known online
  • Learn to play a team sport that you’ve never played before
  • Do something artsy-fartsy like going to a play (like with actual real-life actors!)
  • Bury the hatchet with someone that used to love you

I’ve found that sometimes, if I deny my playbook/gut reaction, and go with the flow that the moment has presented, I maximise my chances of achieving your Point 4:

“..Notice what it is that makes you feel energized and happy and do more of that.”

Anyways, while you’re on that plane to SF, I’m writing this post on my bean bag in front of my Playstation…I’ve got other stuff to do..