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Dev Note 3

Some spicy terminal commands to end 2017 on.

Ever wanted to ssh onto multiple machines at once? Check out cssh, also known as Cluster SSH. It’s useful for debugging problems across hosts or datacenters. For example, sometimes a deploy would be faulty in certain regions. If you work at a company with a strong engineering background, chances are there are company specific versions of it. For Square, that would be sqcssh.

Want to feel like a computer wizard? Another niche but effective way to debug is to use strace (or dtruss for Mac). Going off the idea of DRY, here’s a nice zine explaining strace (and here’s a StackOverflow post about dtruss).

Want to be a -winr? Start learning how to use grep and use those flags! To keep it DRY, here’s a link that better explains grep than I can. For those times that you can’t ctrl-f, grep is the next best thing.

Oh, in case you don’t know what DRY means, it stands for Don’t Repeat Yourself. Regarding code, it means keeping things modular and readable.

Lastly, here’s a quick debriefer about the world of computing. I saved it to a Google Doc since it’s somewhat hefty. It’s not terminal related but worth a mention.

Happy coding~

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