The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, by Jay Campbell and Jim Brown — Review

If you know anything about health or Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), you know who Jay Campbell is. Jay is the author of The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy Manual on how to properly use TRT. This book has become the bible for everything TRT. I did not want to start TRT until I finished reading the TRT Manual, and everytime I went to google for questions, the answers were already found in the book. The medical service I use for TRT was also from his book, and after extra research, and now using the company myself, Jay was not wrong by mentioning them. Jim Brown is also another leading figure in the use of TRT, and creator of the Forged Training system.

Their new book The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet (MBTD) is a precise new guide to the use of Intermittent Fasting (IF), or Targeted Intermittent Fasting (TIF), in order to cut fat, gain muscle, and enhance performance. But don’t get it twisted, this book is a lot more than just a “diet” book, and the MBTD does it differently from anything I’ve seen.

I have used fasting now for over a year straight. In that span of time the lowest I’ve gone on a fast would be 14 hours, but I regularly do 16–18 hours with a few 24+ hours every week. I supplement on fasts, I meditate on fasts, and to be blunt, I use it for the life extension and mental enhancement benefits. I actually got into fasting because of the time I spent in the mountains. I would do climbs, hikes, and other mountain athletics on a fast, on purpose. I didn’t like the idea of needing to eat every couple of hours to keep going. One day on a technical climb, I did not eat for the entire summit and found that I was ok. This started me on the path.

This book provides a guide on how to do that, while also gaining muscle, and entering certain mental states that are caused by the extra BDNF (Brain-derived neurotropic factor) being produced in your brain. The book goes into details in a later chapter on why that happens.

The readability of this book is how all books should be written when it comes to dieting and performance. Its straight to the point; they are not leading you to the path they are putting you on it.

This book tells you how to hit your macros in a specific way using IF and removes all worry of losing muscle while fasting. When I was reading the MBTD, I kept waiting for the parts that would bog me down into a deep hole when it came to weighing food and watching these macros like a hawk, but it wasn’t there. They tell you what to do, how to do it, and what the outcome will be. Its very simple, but very powerful. Like I said, I’m not a typical gym rat, and I normally train for excursions in the mountains, or long hunts. I train to sustain in these environments, and I gained a lot of information from this book.

This book also tells you the right foods to eat and when to eat them. Most will read a book and have to follow up with more resources, but they are already there. This is exactly what Jay did in his TRT Manual; everything you need is already in your hands. There is also a section on supplements which are very important. We can talk all we want about needing or not needing them, but things like Metformin and Berberine should be in the water, so I’m glad they are starting to show up in books now.

The amount of easy to read information in this book is staggering. The pages on fasting should be enough to switch anyone over to this protocol. There are just too many benefits.

Like I always say with these reviews, I don’t get too in depth, because you need to read the book. But this book is about as quick and easy as you can get to start down a new physical path when it comes to dieting and IF. If you put the MBTD into practice it will change your performance hands down. Like I said before, this book goes beyond the basics of IF and gets into numbers like 20 hour fasts. For anyone who has gone beyond 18 hours on a fast, its like a super power once your adapted. Remember, to an extent, the feeling of hunger is a weakness and don’t let it sway you from a protocol like the MBTD.

I said this on twitter many times but it needs to be said again. Fasting is not starvation; starvation is never having enough, fasting is having enough when you actually need it. Most of society has plenty of extra “fuel” on them to get through a fast. Trust me.

Bottom line, this book will either introduce you to a new IF protocol or if you have experience, it will take you to a new level. You don’t have to follow it line by line to get a benefit, but you would be wise to follow it as close as you can if you want the results. You cant go wrong by checking out this book, you can find it here.

You can find Jay and Jim below:

Jay Campbell — @TRTExpert on Twitter,,,,,, and on Amazon where you can also find the TRT Manual.

Jim Brown — @TRTJim on Twitter, and you can find Jim on Jay’s sites listed above.