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  • Robert Williger

    Robert Williger

    CEO @CitedCorp | Marketing Strategist | U.S. Army #Veteran. Writing on marketing, technology, and ending the stigma of mental health.

  • Muthoni Wambugu

    Muthoni Wambugu

    God. Family. Purpose. Web Analytics Consultant. And the sixth-worst communicator in the interwebs. An advocate of self-awareness.

  • Greg Gilbert

    Greg Gilbert

    I enjoy continuous learning, tech, run, being creative, and work with awesome people. So I build companies. @gregoiregilbert — www.greggilbert.me

  • Patryk Niewiejski

    Patryk Niewiejski

  • Lana Jelenjev

    Lana Jelenjev

    Author of The 90 Day Action Planner, Community Builder: Designing Communities for Change. Community Alchemist and Learning Experience Designer.

  • Daniel Świerad

    Daniel Świerad

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