HACK VC Token Sale

HACK VC is a liquid venture fund on the blockchain. HACK is the Ethereum-based token issued to HACK VC investors.

Hackers/Founders (H/F) is an organization that has been investing in top startups through an expansive global network. H/F’s portfolio of fifty-five technology startup companies has produced seven exits in only five years, including acquisitions by Facebook and Cisco.

Hackers/Founders (H/F) created HACK VC to bring its successful approach to the blockchain, increasing accessibility and liquidity for investors.

Traditional startup investors can only realize gains when a company is purchased or goes public. Liquidity events, such as acquisitions or IPOs, rarely happen in Silicon Valley, and even less so elsewhere. As a result, investors seldom profit, and have to wait approximately a decade to find out if they made a good investment decision.

However, HACK VC is liquid. Investors in HACK VC can buy, sell and trade tokens in a fund that derives value from H/F’s pool of well-performing startups. HACK tokens act like digital stock certificates.

Hackers/Founders manages a portfolio of post-product stage tech companies, and provides services in exchange for equity. Equity is combined into funds and offered to investors. H/F’s four funds have yielded seven exits in five years.

H/F launched its first tech entrepreneur group in Silicon Valley, and over the past decade, the community has grown to over 300,000 people in 128 cities and 47 countries. This unique network is key to H/F’s ongoing access to high-quality startups for its portfolio.

A community-sourced selection process translates into higher quality startups in the H/F program, and these portfolio companies tend to outperform similar companies in other funds or accelerators. Unlike others, H/F individually tailors its program to meet the needs of each startup. The result is that the H/F portfolio has seven exits out of fifty-five companies in four funds.

HACK VC will benefit from the same processes, community and experience that resulted in seven Hackers/Founders portfolio exits over the past five years.

With the use of blockchain technology, HACK VC will make it more possible for people at every level and in every part of the world to invest in startups. In addition, the liquidity of HACK VC means investors will be able to reap the rewards of a diversified startup portfolio without having to wait for years.

HACK is a new Ethereum-based token issued by HACK VC, and can be bought, sold and traded through online exchanges as a liquid transaction.

HACK is based on the ERC223 protocol. ERC223 solves issues with the ERC20 standard while remaining backwards compatible with ERC20-compliant wallets. HACK is a tradeable digital token that can be used for participation, representation, proof of membership in H/F or any other suitable purpose.

KrowdMentor, a strategic investment and advisory firm empowering blockchain investors, funds, startups and entrepreneurs, developed the token. KrowdMentor also provided smart contract development, smart contract management systems as well as through other advisory roles in support of HACK VC.

Unlike other programs, founders can speak with investors before officially joining the H/F program. It is an opportunity for applicants to gain invaluable advice on markets, fundraising and usability.

H/F sources investors from a database of over 3,000 angel investors, venture capitalists, family office managers, institutional investors and other financial professionals, all who donate their time.

Interviews are conducted via in-person meeting or video conference. Afterward, investors share their scores with H/F. If a company scores well enough on investor and expert review boards, H/F opens a dialogue with the founders about whether their company would be a good fit for the Hackers/Founders startup program.

ToApa itu Token hackvc?

HACK adalah token berbasis Ethereal baru yang dikeluarkan oleh HACK VC, dan dapat dibeli, dijual dan diperdagangkan melalui bursa online sebagai transaksi likuid.

HACK didasarkan pada protokol ERC223. ERC223 memecahkan masalah dengan standar ERC20 sementara tetap kompatibel dengan dompet yang kompatibel dengan ERC20. HACK adalah token digital yang dapat diperdagangkan yang dapat digunakan untuk partisipasi, representasi, bukti keanggotaan dalam H / F atau tujuan lain yang sesuai.

KrowdMentor, perusahaan investasi dan penasihat strategis yang memberdayakan investor, dana, pemula, dan pengusaha blokir, mengembangkan token tersebut. KrowdMentor juga memberikan pengembangan kontrak yang cerdas, sistem manajemen kontrak yang cerdas serta melalui peran penasihat lainnya untuk mendukung HACK VC.

Token Sale

Token Sale Luncurkan Setelah Cap Tahap 2 Tercapai

Nilai tukar Token

1 USD = 1 HACK


Mata uang diterima: ETH, BTC

Jumlah transaksi minimum:

beli 1 HACK

Investasi Minimum

US: $ 50K

Sisa dunia: $ 1

Topi tersembunyi

Diungkap saat 80% tercapai

Token Sale Bonus

Alokasi Token

Diskon Token 70%

5% Operasional & Penasehat

75% Total Penjualan Token

20% Cadangan Perusahaan

Pendiri Portofolio 3%

2% Pengembangan Masyarakat

25% Perusahaan + Misc.

75% dari semua token akan dialokasikan untuk dijual, dengan 5% dari jumlah tersebut mengarah ke biaya operasional. Setiap biaya operasional tambahan akan dipinjam dari sisa 70% dan akan dibayar kembali dengan bunga 5% per tahun.

Cadangan perusahaan akan menghitung tambahan 20% dari semua token. Perusahaan akan memberlakukan rompi 4 tahun dengan tebing 1 tahun untuk setiap bukti yang dikeluarkan untuk tim. 3% akan didistribusikan kepada pendiri perusahaan portofolio H / F dan 2% akan digunakan untuk pengembangan masyarakat.

Website : https://hackvc.hf.cx/

Whitepaper : https://docs.google.com/document/d/19gNjTd1pdikcGJ8laLC7-8DuSji2wcvIeDr_0qRs9pE/edit

Twitter : https://twitter.com/hfhackvc

Telegram : https://t.me/hackvc

My Bitcontalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=896353

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