Good Guys WIN — Trail Camera Being Stolen

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When you hear a beep on your phone and see a picture from your Covert Cellular Scouting camera, you expect to see a deer. To our surprise we saw a stranger trying to get our camera off of the tree! I went from happy to irate in 2 seconds. The big problem here is I was in PA and the camera was in MO.

I flash dialed Jeremy Flinn, who lives in MO, and confirmed he was getting the same pictures. Sky, ground, sky, orange jacket…..then nothing….

Jeremy mad like me jumped in the truck and made it to the parking area in record breaking time. On the way to the camera location he had me on the phone checking the GPS coordinates of the covert camera.

The wonderful feature about our covert cameras is you can send it commands to take pictures and report GPS coordinates. Which we did!

Just about that time we stopped getting pictures we started to worry they busted the camera up. It was in a metal lock box with python lock.

“Remember lock boxes and locks only save you from the first attempt”

Jeremy an ex-cross country runner tore to the snowy woods and came up on two people that matched the pictures we were getting. After a good water-boarding session he continued to the tree seeing the camera at the base still locked to the tree. The thief’s could not get the camera off the tree! By us having the camera send us GPS coordinates we saw the location did not change over a 20 min period and hoped that meant it was still locked the tree.

Win for the good guys! If this scouting camera was not cellular we would have never known it was being stolen and or if the second attempt was successful!

It is not fair that someone cannot respect others property and be a SPORTSMAN/WOMAN!!! Most times the camera is gone when you go topull the card and you’re out of luck!

The data on a computer is most times more important than the computer itself. This goes for trail cameras when they have been gathering pictures for 4–6 weeks used for a survey or telling me (when time is precious) where to hunt.

Moral of the story is the GOOD GUYS WON this time, but only due to having a cellular camera reporting back to us. Please respect your fellow hunter’s property!

Camera used was a Covert Scouting Spec-Ops Cellular camera. (and we love using them)

** the image at the top is Jeremy Flinn talking to me and letting our followers know we won this time!!! Our images are automatically posted to Facebook from our cellular cameras showing the world “Live from the Outdoors”

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Originally published at on January 3, 2014.

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