How to Stay Busy in the Off Season

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Deer and Turkey Hunting | 5 Rewarding Off Season To Do’s

Deer hunting season has sadly come to in many parts of the country. About a month or so after the season ends and after a little recuperation, honey do’s, and some much needed sleep deer hunters begin to get bored. This period can be hard on hunters as you are left asking, what should you do in the off season? The realization of winter setting in and the several months long gap before turkey season can have some feeling claustrophobic. Cabin fever is unforgiving! Fortunately, there is a long list of beneficial activities that can be done right now that are satisfying for the most season deer and turkey hunters. Here are a few to-do’s that benefit your deer and turkey hunting each and every year.


The recent snow storms blasting the Midwest had doors sealed shut and heaters at full blast. With some amount of warm weather returning (at the moment) some post-season scouting is called for. Scouting in the snow is eye opening. You can tell exactly where the deer on your property walk, bed down at, browse on, and feed at. It has not been that long since the rut was in full swing, take note of the deer sign on the property. Rubs, scrapes, funnels, and beds are key to your deer hunting success on that property.

Getting boots on the ground and checking in on your best turkey hunting spots is also advantageous. While it’s still way too early to go out and scout for gobbling toms, you can learn the property’s terrain and identify where you think turkeys will roost, feed, as well as identify strut zones to take note of before spring.

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