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This is anything but ordinary, upgrading your vehicle past a normal paint job and giving it a whole new attitude. Vinyl wrapping your vehicle in camouflage is making a bold statement, a statement that Moon Shine Camo has made.

If you are looking for more than just plain camouflage vehicle vinyl wraps this is it. Moon Shine Attitude Attire’s lifestyle camo patterns gives you just that. Four different patterns gives you four completely different attitudes. What do you want to express?

Muddy Girl

If you are looking to get a pink camo vehicle vinyl wrap this is what you’re looking for. Muddy Girl Camo is one of the hottest pink camo patterns on the market today. Show your love for the outdoors with shades of both pink and purple, sure to be seen from afar and turn heads. It’s truly a lifestyle camo…

Harvest Moon

If you are looking to give your vehicle an aggressive and covert look, Harvest Moon Camouflage is it. The gray tone expresses the assertive and stern look to any vehicle.


The name says it all, outshining any other camo pattern like it. Outshine Camouflage uses sharp contrasting colors to show who you are and what you believe in.


Set your vehicle ablaze. The Wildfire Camouflage pattern engulfs the vehicle in a camo pattern never before brought to the market. A bolder than bold statement is made with this pattern giving you the most effective camo vehicle wrap

If you are wishing to show your love for the outdoors, or express an aggressive, covert, stern, aggressive, or bold look Moon Shine Camouflage vehicle vinyl wraps are for you.

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Originally published at on August 14, 2015.

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