Why and How To Review Your Assisted Living Agreement

Assisted living Agreement

Have you reviewed your assisted living agreement? It’s important to look at it closely.

It can be stressful to find a right assisted living community for your aged adult. But once you pick a community, you and/or your senior is required to sign a contract that is also known as residency or admission agreement.

Before putting your stroke on that dotted line, make sure you review the entire document carefully. If you don’t, you may be welcomed by unpleasant and expensive surprises. So, what are the things you should review while reading the senior living contract?

To help you go through the document, here is a guide that covers common legal topics being included in most senior living contracts. It will help you understand what to watch out for and what to ask.

Why Should You Review the Contract?

Review contract

First of all, it is a legal document to be signed by you with your consent, meaning that there will be no way to make changes in case of objection.

For example; you have signed a contract for a one year commitment. Then 6 months later, your aged adult is required to move to a place for an advanced level of care due to unexpected health condition. Even if your aged adult is no longer residing there, that assisted living facilitiy is legally right to ask for the due payment of that 1 year period. Therefore, it is extremely important to take a note of such clauses and you can solicit to convert that in month-to-month agreement.

That’s why it would be important to notice that clause and ask to change it in writing to a month-to-month agreement.

Major Points You Should Review and Ask:

Points need to be asked
  • Accommodations and terms
  • Fee, core services and meals
  • Residency qualification
  • Maintenance and use
  • Termination of contract

Don’t Hesitate to Negotiate Over the Terms:


You can negotiate with your potential service provider before signing the document. This is a good opportunity to adjust the terms. Once the document is signed, the terms will remain unchanged.

Collect the Agreement Forms of Several Assisted Living Facilities:

Several Forms

Remember, the contracts may vary from facility to facility. So, reviewing one form doesn’t mean you have reviewed the forms of all assisted living facilities. Therefore, collect the contract form from different facilities and take them home so you can review them thoroughly.

Hire a Lawyer:

Senior Lawyer

There’s no doubt that some terms or legal jargon won’t be easy to understand. So, it would be a good idea to hire a lawyer to go through the document. Investing a little time and money up front can save you from expenditures and surprises in the long run. An elder law attorney not only helps you understand the documents, but also gives you valuable suggestions.

Once you get familiar with the terms and conditions, it will be easy for you to decide if the facility is right for your aged adult. Also, take a note of the facilities and care available at the assisted living while you do your research. It’ll help you find the best assisted living facility to provide a perfect, stress-free environment to live out your golden years.

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