Limitations Inspire Creativity!
Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz

I’ve used Snapchat for almost a year now — mainly as a photo-editor if I’d be honest for my own stories (I use it to take images that I then save an use for other purposes!). In terms of people who I think are really using Snapchat well I’ve watched people like YesJulz, who is a miami club promoter and Shonduras to be the best I’ve seen. But discoverability is an issue on Snapchat — I think I got both of those as links from a web-site quoting the top 10 snapchatters at about March last year. I followed all ten and those are the only two I still follow. Most were frankly dire. Snapchat is great for projecting a great personality, but it doesn’t necessarily work for those people who haven’t really got any — they should probably stick to something different in terms of social media.

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