I Lost 86 Pounds and Learned a Few Things
Chris Higgins

Congratulations on such an inspiring achievement. It’s not easy digging your way out of that and the worst part is that it’s even more difficult the deeper you are in the hole.

As for your comment, “ I don’t know how to share this information with friends, family, or strangers without seeming like a jerk. How do I toot the “Look at me, I lost a bunch of weight” horn without showing off?”, I think you handled it in the perfect way. I think the difference between “Bragging” and “Sharing” is dependent upon the focus.

While you should be very proud and allowed to enjoy the positive feeling of sharing your accomplishment, you mentioned the reason for writing wasn’t for that feeling. You felt obligated to share your new found wisdom for the betterment of others who may not recognize just how possible it is. You have others at the forefront of your intention and that is exactly what comes across in your writing. This is how you share the information with everyone and still never seem like a jerk.

Thanks for sharing…


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